Case Study Abnormal Psychology

Topics: Mental disorder, Abnormal psychology, Antisocial personality disorder Pages: 3 (963 words) Published: April 1, 2012
Case Study

Case Study
Abnormal behavior relates to the influence of psychological factors, biological factors as well as the social factors referring to inadequate relationships. In the face of diverse definition, abnormal behavior refers to the deviating from norm, which norm is the typical behavior or characteristic of the population. As such, Jim behavior is abnormal because it violates moral and conventional mores of the society (Violates societal standards), as such causing social discomfort to others. For instance, Jim fails to recognize the social cues in conversation thereby annoying other interlocutors. Jim is this case is behaving in a manner counterproductive to his own well being by abstaining from marrying and social relationships, which is maladaptive (Psychology facts, 2007). Jim behavior is statistically abnormal because he is notably poles apart from the society norm, his behavior has low score in the society distributed acceptable qualities DSM-IV refers to the “Diagnostic and statistical Manual of mental disorders.” It defines mental disorder as a clinical considerable psychological or behavioral pattern that occurs in individuals and link with the current distress like painful symptom or disability, such as impairment of substantial sphere of functioning or with a significant risk of enhanced of possibility of suffering loss of liberty, death, pain, and disability. The syndrome is not a merely a culturally and expectable sanctioned rejoinder to a specific event. It needs to be presently presuming a manifestation of biological, behavioral, or psychological dysfunction within an individual. Nevertheless, there is no adequate definition on the precise boundaries for the notion of mental disorder (French, 2004). The definition encompasses the concept of the maladptiveness because the mental suffering of the individuals embrace maladaptive behavior by withdrawing from the family and friends interactions as...
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