Gender Dysphoria

Topics: Gender, Gender identity disorder, Transgender Pages: 3 (780 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Gender Dysphoria

The social meanings of health and illness have evolved over the centuries, and this evolution is what gives way to society’s definition of what truly is illness. “, we investigate the social images and moral meanings that are attributed to illnesses” (Conrad & Leiter 123). With illnesses being judged by societal norms at the time of their discovery, we see that health and illness is forever placed upon a moral scale of the times. As time goes on, the general moral and social standings of society change. This is evident in the medical practices and beliefs behind each century’s diagnostics. Gender identity disorder (GID) is now an obsolete term for those who are diagnosed transgendered individuals. The new and professionally approved term is now gender dysphoria. This revamped term dismissed the idea that transgender individuals have a “disorder,” implying some kind of mental instability. While socially, this new terminology brings a new light and approach to the transgender community, the medical aid associated with GID is also now in jeopardy due to the lack of it being an actual disease. In the case of gender dysphoria, we see how its transition from being classified as a “disorder” or sickness to nothing of the sort, speaks to how today’s society views the individuals affected by it. “Illness can reflect deeply rooted cultural assumptions and biases about a particular group or groups of people,” (Conrad & Leiter 123). An understanding of the ties of a disease to individuals themselves gives society the tools it needs to declare an illness.             After two decades of waiting, the revised version of the DSM has been reviewed and cleared by, “more than 1,500 experts in a variety of fields from 39 countries.” The classification of mental illness is one of the most important contributions the DSM provides. For us, the classification of a patient’s mental state ties in a range of aspects from medical assistance to social safety....
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