Case Study

Topics: Education, Culture, Teacher Pages: 2 (465 words) Published: November 26, 2012
Ashley Squillini
October 22, 2012
Case Study
Chapter 4
Jasper and Viena Alejandro Quinn
One of the biggest problems today is misinformation. People pass judgments towards others without being properly informed and I think that it is extremely important for students to be exposed to all different cultures. Since I have done my student teaching in the last few years I actually was surprised at how much the students cultures were influenced by the assignments. Although the cultural teachings are not extremely expressed in the curriculum it is up to the teacher to fit it in to the lessons. I feel that at any time that a teacher can incorporate the student’s home lives and cultural practices they should. This helps not only the other students to gain knowledge about other student’s cultures and values, but it also helps the teachers to understand things that they may not know about.

All students are given the same resources to meet their goals. Although I believe that it is very important for teachers to stand behind their students and to support and push them In the right way, when it comes to fulfilling life long dreams or a dream career, it is very much up to the student and their individual practices. I know that in my high school they had career days and different programs that were set up to help the students decide which career path they might be interested in. Teachers need to support their students no matter what their dreams are, and they need to be pointed in the right direction in order to fully benefit from all that is offered.

All teachers should have at least some information on the different cultures of the students In their classrooms. I feel that if I were in a classroom I would have each of the students write down a few things about their home life and some of the traditions that they practice with their families. It would be up to me however to do some research on whatever I didn’t already know about. This way it...
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