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Topics: Native Americans in the United States, High school, Culture Pages: 8 (2594 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Patrick J. Stallings EDL 520 Application Assignment TA 079 Wekiva (Orange) Leadership Competency Demonstrations March 17, 2013 Case Study Analysis

An Analysis of the Case: Lessons at Hard Rock High by Carrie Y. Barron Ausbrooks Introduction
This is an analysis of Lessons at Hard Rock High by Carrie Y Barron Ausbrooks 2003. The case study describes the circumstances of Principal Deborah Barklay who has been in the position for two years. Her school, Hard Rock High School, is part of the Leading Edge Independent School District. The district is on the “cutting edge of innovation” and implements a district-wide technological network. The district has experienced rapid growth and a change in the ethnic composition of the students and faculty. Deborah Barklay has an extensive background and experience in dealing with cultural diversity and she felt that she had all her basis covered in leading a campus of diverse students and faculty. The principal one day is faced with lawsuits that claim that the school has violated the rights of Native American and African American students within her school. She is concerned that the district officials will blame her for what is happening at the school and she ponders what her next step should be. This case study will be used as a foundation for how I should make rational decisions based on being cultural proficient and implications that happen when certain aspects of this process are overlooked while wearing the shoes of a school administrator. Summary

Deborah Barklay is the principal of Hard Rock High School. She was reflecting on what a good decision she made in accepting this position. Her extensive experience and leadership skills prepared her well for this job in the Leading Edge Independent School District (ISD). The district has experienced rapid growth and has implemented a technological network. Hard Rock High School reflected some of the district’s changing demographics. The number of minority students at her school increased significantly. The ethnic makeup of the school comprised of 50% White/Caucasian, 20% Hispanic/Latino, 15% Native American 15% Black/African American/West Indian. Also housed at the campus was High Hopes Academy, a program charter school which attracted academically gifted students throughout the district. Students admitted to this program were required to complete an application for admission and take an aptitude test. Deborah was turning Hard Rock High School into an exemplary school. She was pleased with her attention to meeting the needs of the minority students. The bilingual program, with a state of the art language lab was a success. She had a positive relationship with the parent teacher organization (PTO) stating how pleased they were with the schools ability to increase their children’s achievement without alienating them from important cultural traditions. Parents of non-Spanish speaking students were also pleased that their children had an opportunity to learn a second language. When it came to meeting the needs of her culturally diverse population Deborah felt she had the entire basis covered. She was surprised to find one day that there were two law suits against the Leading Edge ISD, citing both Hard Rock High School and High Hopes Academy. The first law suit was filed by the local Tribal Council for denying freedom of religion to Native American children. The suit was filed because Native American children were required to dissect frogs in biology class and this violated their religious rights. Although she made several attempts to contact Native American parents prior to the law suit she was not successful due to the long distances and language barriers. The Native Americans parents had taken their concerns through the Tribal Council rather than the school. The second law suit was filed by a local African-American community activist, including some parents that charged that...
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