Case Analysis

Topics: Camping, Revenue, Marketing Pages: 4 (1181 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Executive Summary
The decrease in August registration is a competitive disadvantage for Camp Wahanowin. The effective way to solve the problem is segment the Camp Wahanowin which based on age and geography. Children from ten to sixteen years old are likely to be regarded as the primary market, because they are more energetic and capable to handle challenging and exciting recreation activities than the secondary market - children who less than ten years old. Since they are too young to deal with those technical entertainment activities and must be monitored by activity instructors. Similarly, Children who live in GTA will be primarily served while overseas campers will be regarded as secondary market because it is faster to spread the reputation within a small area. The three alternative strategies are: developing a social media software program which is easier capture the attention of the desired target market; holding the current camping club consumers by giving membership; and joining groupon to increase the number of customers.

Problem Statement and Issues to be solved
Wahanowin has the problem of decreasing the customer registration in summer camp. In order to remain competitive in this changing market, Wahanowin must segment the camp in efficient way and using alternative strategies properly.

Strategic Alternatives
Alternative #1: "Social Media"
This alternative concentrates on the ever growing presence of social media as a marketing platform. The target for this plan would be the social media users: the 6-15 year old or 15+ demographic. The strengths of this alternative plan are that it is creative and can easily capture the attention of the desired target market with the development of social media software programs like Facebook and Twitter. Wahanowin would be capitalizing on a great opportunity to forge a strong online presence and really distinguish itself from the pack. Social media is also a great way to implement its promotion and...
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