Case Analysis of Swan

Topics: Ice hockey, Strategic management, Ice rink Pages: 3 (929 words) Published: September 28, 2012
Swan’s Ice Arena is a place for people to enjoy ice activities. Due to the reason that David who is the manager of Swan’s Ice Arena wants to increase the revenue, he plans to expand his public skating program. It will not limit the number of customer to 12 to 24 people; instead, it can meet 700 people’s need. The revenue changes from 200 to 3500 due to the increasing number of consumer. But the problem lies in that the target market is consisted of the teenagers and kids. They are free only on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. So it leads to the low revenue and high costs of the left time. By considering how to change the situation, he made a decision to focus on another target market of young couples. To attract the groups, he transformed the music and set up a roller skating format. Unfortunately, things don’t change. Teenagers under 13 are also the main part of his customer, and their behaviors have an effect on others. SWOT Analysis

The strength of Swan’s ice Arena is that it is the only indoor ice rink in northern U.S and it has few competitors. As a result, he can direct the market. Due to the reason that ice activities are not necessities, so he cannot make a decision regardless of consumer’s preference. What’s more, the ice activity can be affected by varies of factors, such as the temperature and the season. During the busy season, more people would like to come. On the contrary, the CASE ANALYSIS OF SWAN’S ICE ARENA 3 revenue would go down in the off-season. So the revenue can be easily affected by external environment. The information above illustrates the weakness of Swan’s Ice Arena. In fact, there seems to be many opportunities for Swan’s Ice Arena. Its main customers are teenagers, so he can focus on teenagers and create new products for the target customer. For example, he can organize a team. Every week a competition can be held in Swan’s Ice Arena. It stimulates the interests and motive power for the young...
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