Innocent Segmentation

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innocent segmentation

1 Segmentat the market for innocent’s smoothie products using relevant segmentation criteria.

In order to describe the segmentation of the consumer market of innocent’s smoothie products i’m going to use three relevant segmentation criteria such as: behavioural, psychographic and profile. Talking about the behaviour of customers we can segmentate the market of innocent in this way:

The smoothies are addressed to customers that want healthy food, and live in a healthy way, and they are sure to find in innocent a very high quality products. They could want also to improve their self-image because innocent has a strong reputation and for its high levels of price is not affordable for all. Customers’ perception of the innocent’s products is a high level quality perception and they appreciate innocent also because its ethical commitment in the environment and society trying to make better the world around the company.

Psychographic: the customers that buy innocent’s smoothies are cash-rich, time poor, health conscious consumers, who have not time to eat enough fruit or to prepare healthy meals. They can be young workers, middle aged people, family that live in cities and are very busy with them works but are aware of their health and they want to consume the right amount of fruit and vegetable per day, and they want to leave in a healthy way.

Demographic: the innocent’s smoothies are sold in certain supermarkets principally in UK and Ireland but also in other european markets such as Netherlands, France, Germany, Scandinavia and others. Customers of these products are well-to-do city’s inhabitants, their age is variable, they can be young workers, like so middle-aged people with families or not, both man and woman.

Describe the current segment of innocent.

The current segment of innocent is that its product are oriented in the european markets to people that are aware of their health and want to have a health life, that have...
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