Case 9 Bavaria Nv

Topics: Marketing, Promotion and marketing communications, Alcoholic beverage Pages: 2 (355 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Case 9

1.Central problem of the case
Bavaria NV is a very successful Dutch beer brewery, operating in 120 countries is the world. Improving their promotion skills. 2.SWOT
-Bavaria NV is a family company, the success formula will be passed through and not been changed. -Bavaria NV is around since 1719, their target group is well-known. Also changes within the target group has been experienced, therefore the company has a advantage of the target group. Weaknesses

-120 countries have different wants and needs
-New family members might have different perspectives of the company, the products and the target group. Opportunities
-Development of new products, the company is well-known and could change their product. -Active in 120 countries, more opportunities for exclusivity of one alcoholic drinks company on international events. Threats

-Growth of other alcoholic drinks companies, more competition for exclusivity on events. -Competitors might offer the same products for different prices, or offer new and more attractive products. 3.Techniques and Theory used

Integrated Marketing Communications helped me to answer question 4 about ambush marketing. Especially the Stages in Developing an Integrated Communications Campaign. 4.What is the role of ambush marketing?

The role of Ambush Marketing is to get more publicity through events although the company is not the sponsor. The company will promote by an event, the head sponsor will give extra publicity by responding on the advertisement. What are the objectives that Bavaria wants to achieve through Ambush Marketing? -Increase of sales and awareness

-Worldwide awareness of the brand and products
-Free promotion
Is Ambush Marketing illegal, immoral or a legitimate commercial practice? Ambush Marketing is immoral, because the companies are getting more publicity by promoting about something they are not a part of. The companies get responses by the sponsor of the event, which...
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