Castle Neuschwanenstein

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Melissa Sabrina Mosko

Period 2

Ms. Delgado, English

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Locationpage 2

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The Interiorpage 3

Disneylandpage 4

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Castle Neuschwanstein is a global symbol for the era of Romanticism and one of the

most popular destinations in Europe.

It is located in the German state Bavaria and with 1.6 million visitors per year one of the

mostly visited castles in the world.

In the following report I’m going to tell about the history and the meaning of the castle


Castle Neuschwanstein is one of the three castles that were built by Ludwig ll, who was

King of Bavaria from 1864 until 1886, in 1868 and has been opened to the public seven

weeks after his death in 1886.

The king lived just a few months in the then not completely built castle.

The castle, although it was built at the end of the 19th century, looks like a knight’s castle

of the middle age and is often also called fairy – tale castle.

Ludwig ll was famous for his affection for art, poetry and music and wanted to

implement his little dream world through castle Neuschwanstein.

The shy king had built the castle in order to withdraw from public life.


Castle Neuschwanstein rises from the Bavarian Alps in Germany. It’s about 2 hours by

car west from Munich, the capital of the German state Bavaria, 3 hours by train,

and lies in the mountains above the village Hohenschwangau.

There visitors will find the “Ticket center of Hohenschwangau” for a guided tour,

the only way to tour the castle, and have the choice whether to hike up the mountain

for 15 min through an impressive nature landscape of woodland and over an old steel

bridge or relax in a coach that will drop you off at the castle’s doorstep.

Construction work

The construction works of the castle

Neuschwanstein began in summer, 1869,

in Hohenschwangau, Bavaria.

At first, in the years 1869 – 1873, the

gate house was built. In the year 1884 the

hall (the residential quarters of a

medieval castle) was completed and the king moved soon in the romantic castle in

order to withdraw from public life and observe the constructions.

For 2 decades the construction side was the major employer of the region. In 1880

about 200 craftsmen worked daily in the construction plus all the deliverymen and other

persons who were indirect involved in the construction. The amount of building

materials was enormous: about 465 barrels of marble, 1550 barrels sandstone, 400 000

bricks and 2050 m³ of wood for the scaffolding.

The living quarters of the castle were for the most part completed in 1886. After the

death of king Ludwig ll the entrance halls and corridors were simplified amplified by

1888 but the building plan with several more rooms and details was never completed

due to the immense costs of the construction.

The Interior

Originally the castle was supposed to

have 200 rooms, after completion of

the construction but it ended up with

15 rooms and halls.

The main hall for example includes

the economic rooms, the servant

rooms. The residential quarters of the medieval castle are very pompously invested with

lots of paintings and murals, carpets and other arts just as well as fine furniture.

Besides castle Neuschwanstein houses latest technology for the 19th century. Numerous

technical refinements can be found in it. It disposes for...
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