Marketers and Consumers Learn the Perils of Promotion

Topics: Advertising, Corporate social responsibility, Social responsibility Pages: 3 (953 words) Published: July 20, 2012
1. Discuss the ethics of promotions and the ways how marketers could avoid or protect themselves against promotion snafu.

Marketers need to follow the right guidelines in order to promote or advertise their products. For Malaysia, we had The Advertising Authority (ASA) that was established in 1977 to provide independent scrutiny of the then newly created selfregulatory system set up by the industry. Their main tasks are to promote and enforce high ethical standards in advertisements, to investigate complaints, to identify and resolve problems, to ensure that the system operates in the public interest and to act as a channel for communications with those who have an interest in advertising standards. Malaysian Code of Advertising Practice All practitioners of advertising are required to abide by the Malaysian Code of Advertising Practice. The Code contains principles describing the essence of good advertising. 1. All advertisements should be legal, decent, honest and truthful.

2. Advertisements must project the Malaysian culture and identity, reflect the multi-racial character of the population and advocate the philosophy of RUKUN NEGARA. 3. Advertisements must not identify or typecast each particular racial group or sex with vocations, traditional values and backgrounds. 4. Advertisements must comply in every respect with the Law, common or statute. 5. All advertisements should be prepared with a sense of responsibility to consumers and to society. 6. All advertisements should conform to the principles of fair competition as generally accepted in business. 7. No advertisements shall bring advertising into disrepute or reduce confidence in advertising as a service to the industry and to the public. 8. Advertisements must be clearly distinguishable as such.

Contests and sweeptakes Marketers could avoid or protect themselves against promotion snafu by providing full disclosure of the promotion. Besides that, marketers are also required to make certain all...
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