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Chapter learning goals Chapter 3 Understanding the role of Culture 1. To understand how culture affects all aspects of international management 2. To be able to distinguish the major dimensions which define cultural differences among societies or groups 3. To emphasize the need for international managers to have cultural intelligence in order to interact successfully in host countries 4. To recognize the critical value differences which frequently affect job behaviors 5. To be able to develop a working “cultural profile” typical of many people within a certain society, as an aid to expected attitudes toward work, negotiations, and so on 6. To understand the interaction between culture and the use of Internet Page 2

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The culture of a society comprises the shared values, understandings, assumptions & goals that are learned from earlier generations, imposed by present members of a society & passed on to succeeding generations

Social Culture

Culture’s effects on ORGANIZATION


Organizational Culture

Organizational culture
Culture’s effects on MANAGEMENT Influence on NATIONAL CULTURE

Management focus
Cultural SUBSYSTEMS vs people’s behavior Culture VALUE DIMENSIONS Page 3 Page 4 4


Culture Clusters – GLOBE Research

Social Culture
Latin Europe

Nordic Europe Germany

Eastern Europe Europe Confucian Asia Southern Asia Anglo

Arab Sub – Sahara Africa See Exhibit 3- 4
Page 6

Latin America

Cultures influence on organization (see more Exhibit 3-1)
Social Cultures
Work Time Change Individualism Materialism

Culture’s effects on Organizational Process

U.S. Culture Organizational Behavior Motivation Productivity Engagement Performance Individual influences future The environment is changeable Hark work leads to success Employment can be ended

Alternative Life is preordained

Function Affected Planning, scheduling

Values Norms Beliefs Education Language Religion

Personal Ethics Assumption Expectation

People adjust to the environment

Morale, productivity

Wisdom and luck are Motivation, rewards also needed Employment is for a lifetime Promotions, recruitment





Culture’s effects on on Management
Self –reference criterion: understand and relate to other cultures in terms of their own culture. Parochialism – the assumption / expectation those from or in another country to automatically fall into patterns of behavior common in their own country Convergence – the phenomenon of the shifting of individual management styles to become more similar to one another Ethnocentrism – describes the attitude of those who operate from the assumption that their ways of doing things are best.

Influence on national culture
Many countries comprise diverse subcultures whose constituents conform only in varying degrees to the national character. Example: Canada

A cultural profile that tends to develop some tentative expectations—some cultural some context—as a backdrop to managing in a specific international setting





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Cultural subsystems that influence people and their behavior

Cultural value dimensions
Reasons to develop cultural profiles An overview of national characteristics, people dealing with Treat people as individuals, and avoid any form of stereotyping Help managers develop some tentative expectations with which to manage in a specific international setting

Kinship system ORGANIZATIONAL Education Economy Politics BEHAVIORS

Religion Associations Health Recreation

By Harris & Moran
Page 11 Page 12

Cultural value dimensions – G.L.O.B.E Project

Cultural value dimensions – Hofstede
Dimension Power distance Highest Malaysia,...
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