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The individual and the Organization - Relationship

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Organization Structure: Relationship between organisation structure and employee reaction4
Impact of Organizational Culture:7
Organization’s Strategy, individual’s behaviour in Organization and it’s interlink9
Delhi Metro Rail Corporation- A Case Study13

In this report we deal with the Individual and his/her relationship with the Organization, with respect to its structure, its work culture and strategies implemented to strengthen this bonding. Organization is an entity which is a blend of culture, values, principles, policies & guidelines. But the common thread that connects all these characteristics is the relationship an employee has with her/his organization. Practically, an employee spends almost half of his time of a 5-day working week in her/his organization. Thus an employee's relationship with the organization is critical to his/her professional as well as personal well being. This fact is generally neglected because building relationships comes naturally to human nature. But undermining the importance of this relationship is hazardous. Scenarios like insider trading, leaks of confidential information, workplace politics and corruption are the results of employees not being in harmony with the presumably productive culture of any organization. Ideally, no one would prefer being in such a situation. The fact that employees are their representatives in business as well as society propelled the ideas like Corporate Team Bonding Sessions, adventure activities, allowing maternal as well as paternal leaves & kids at workplace. Nowadays companies are known by these policies, for example- Pedigree Petfoods allows its employees to bring their pet dogs to their workplace. ("Dog-friendly policies that allow employees to bring well-behaved pets to work are popping up in many offices and, by all accounts, the downsides are minimal.') . Such distinguishing policies help establishing that strong connect between an employer & an employee. In the long run, it works wonders for any organization. We have also covered a case study on the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (DMRC) and their Delhi Metro Rail Project headed by Mr. E. Sreesharan. Generally government projects are a subject of scrutiny and skepticism. If one travels in the Delhi Metro for a day, one would be astonished & happy to be proved so wrong. What DMRC has pulled off as an enterprise is a role-model for other such entities. Mr. E Sreedharan (Former MD, DMRC) is synonymous to DMRC and is widely recognized for the culture he has built in the organizations that he has been part of, whether it is DMRC or the Konkan Railway Project. This fact is interesting in terms of the current business scenarios & brings an important question into the picture- in what ways did Mr. Sreedharan go beyond his usual call of duty & contribute heavily to build a unique work culture in his organizations, which brought out the best in every individual employee?

Organization Structure: Relationship between organisation structure and employee reaction

Individual work and team work both exist in organisation. Organisation Structure refers to the coordination that exists between these two for smooth flow of activities. This is an important means to ensure that coordination as it spells out the reporting relationships (including the levels of hierarchy and span of control of an individual in an organisation), the grouping of individuals into departments and finally design systems that would ensure the efforts across the departments are properly integrated and coordinated as a result of the communication. Elements of Organisational structure and affect and response of employees: * Formalisation: It is the extent to which the organisation's procedures, job description, regulation etc. are...
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