Carter, a Mystery

Topics: Love, Muffin top, English-language films Pages: 1 (391 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Carter, a Mystery
By: Carter Holmesz

As a wee lass Carter would do strange things, like turn the TV on without using the remote or pushing the buttons on the actual television set. But by the early 1980's Carter was nearly 13 when he decided the live his dream in life and become a magical unicorn of love. Carter's magical unicorn horn would pierce the skin of a human being, and make them fall in love and also into shock from loss of blood. But as the days went by, Shelby, a cupid like creature, was growing jealous of the magical unicorn by the name of Carter. So she had to eliminate him. Shelby then tried to slap Carter with a pita bread, but instead Carter ate the pita. Shelby was defeated so she ran into the woods and fell into eternal sleep under the giant spoon of love and tears. Legend has it if you can summon the fairy of cocain the fairy will tell you where Shelby sleeps. If you find her and awake her with the scent of freshly baked pita, she will give you a slap in the face for waking her, than she will go and make sweet sweet love muffins with the troll Hayden, the blue berry kind. After making Muffins, the 2 will have enough power to attack the evil witch Cameron who kicks peoples children for pure entertainment. After attacking the witch and stealing his steel toed boots, they will then go kick open the door of holy macaroni, to get the sword of love and truth, they will go to the cheese forest in search of Cody the pot belly pig so they can eat his bacon upon his belly fat. After the much needed meal, the 2 will set off to find the problem solver Ms. Eggett who can save the planet Uranus from the evil sea monkey, Bailie. Upon finding Egget, the group will set off to stop the sea monkey. Upon solving the issues with Bailey, they will finally have enough power to defeat Carter. This is where everything gets tricky, the group has to get Carter cornered in the grove of butterscotch. If they can do this, Carter will unleash his army of hobo's to...
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