Bloody Chamber and the Company of the Wolves

Topics: The Company of Wolves, Little Red Riding Hood, Short story Pages: 5 (1913 words) Published: August 31, 2012

This essay will discuss the adaptation of the three stories from Angela Carter's book „The Bloody Chamber“: The Werewolf, The Company of the Wolves and Wolf-Alice to the Neil Jordan's film The Company of the Wolves. The differences between the three stories and the film will be analyzed, and how their meaning changes in the context of the film. To begin, it must be noted that the stories mentinoned above are written in a form resembling a Greek satyr, and told in a way that reminds us of the fairy tale. However, neither of these stories are fairytales, but stories about crossing the treshold of adulthood and of becoming mature. These stories, although short, carry a message, and a lesson, although they deal with mythical and darkness. In these stories, Angela Carter provides a new interpretation of famous fairytales, such as Red Riding Hood, and recurrent motifs from this particular story such as grandmother, a girl who walks through the wood carring cookies in her basket, and the wolf who comes to the granny first. The Company of the Wolves by Angela Carter is a story that envokes powerful and mysterious aspects of the female nature. The girl is described as a person with incredible power to yield darkness and to conquer it, somebody who is never afraid, and faces the most horrible with a smile, which means that she is quite monstrous in nature as well. Mythical interpretation consists of the fact that she is represemted as a virgin goddess, who conquers beasts and darkness.[1] In its essesnce, The Company of the Wolves, as well as other two stories are dealing with the unknown, unconscious and dark side of human nature. The three stories are also feminist stories, dealing with the sacred feminine, and the power of the females to control men's sexuality, which is especially seen in The Company of the Wolves. The men are shown as wolves, as sexual predators, and abusers of the females,[2] while the females are shown as strong, independent and strong-willed. In general, wolves are seen as creatures who are unable to control desires, and are a symbol of rebellion against society and strict norms. They are also a symbol of a female's sexual liberation, and rebellion against the control of the men in their life.[3] On the other hand, the movie begins with in modern times, with the dream of the protagonists's older sister being chased and killed by the wolves, something that is not mentuoned in neither of the original stories, and then is continued into a number of short stories, some of them told by Rosaleen, the main protagonist in the film, and some by her grandmother, who is portayed as a wise woman, who gives many useful tips to her grandaughter.[4] The women are wise in the film as well. Granny, who has a lot of knowledge concerning various things, like the differences beween the wolves that are „hairy on the outside“, and „hairy on the inside“, and Rosaleen's mother also seems to be a woman who is daring and brave, and this could be noted in her sentence: „'If there's a beast in men, it meets its match in women, too.''[5] Some elements of the film, such as Rosaleen's climbing to the tree, is not present in neither of the stories, exept that in the Wolf-Alice, the girl brought up by the wolves is able to walk on all fours and run very fast as well. Also, most of the stories incorporated within the original story, The Company of the Wolves, are told mostly by Granny (the story of a village lady who married the werewolf, the boy who meets the Devil in the woods, the story about the witch who transforms the wedding party into a pack of wolves), and one story, which is not present in neither of the stories, the story about a she-wolf, is told by Rosaleen. The latter story might as well be inspired by Wolf-Alice, because the girl is show wandering around in a way that resembles the girl in that story,...
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