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  • Published: March 13, 2014
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The first few years of people’s life are key to the development of speech, language and cognitive skills. For this reason it is important to create activities and strategies for helping to develop speech and language skills that give them all the stimulation, positive role modeling and human contact that they need. STYLE IN LANGUAGE

a. Principles in Choosing Words
1. Clear
In speech, we should use clear word to make the audience undesrtand what we deliver. 2. Concrete
Many words have the same meaning, therefore, the speaker should use the right words to convey the intent. Example :
Kesedihan, duka, kemalangan, dan nestapa still have the same meaning. In English word, there are some word to express it, like Anguish
However, kesedihan is more appropriate as sadness, duka as grief, kemalangan as misfortune and nestapa as sorrow. 3. Concise
To express something, we can choose concise and solid words. Example :
a) A system which was made by man => a man-made system
4. Colorful
Colorful word will lead to the imagination of the audience so that they can see, feel, and listen what the speaker meant. Example :
a) We are staggering into the computer age is more colorful than b) We are coming into the computer age
5. Current
English as a natural language had been developed. This is an example of current word: Coca-Colonization
It is the phenomena of coca-cola that occurs all over the world 6. Cautious
In choosing words, we need to be careful. we should be able to recognize the words that are taboo or negative meaning. So we will not use the word either in conveying expression nor speech. Example

a) to root (as an Australian people, it means to have sex)
b. Stylistic Meaning of Words and Expressions
1. Formal Words
The formal word is usualy used in social situation like business negotiation, formal speech, and official...
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