Capacity Planning in Arnold Palmer Hospital

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Arnold Palmer Hospital

Arnold Palmer Hospital "A Very Special Baby"
Conversations in the late 1970's between pediatricians Andrew Townes Jr., MD, Ben Guedes, MD, and Colin Condron, MD, led to the decision several years later to build what has become the only healthcare facility dedicated solely to the care of children and women in the Southeast. "We started out by forming the Children's Medical Foundation of Greater Orlando in February 1980," explains Dr. Townes. "Judge Joseph DuRocher drafted the first articles of incorporation." After only two meetings, the group changed its name to the Children's Hospital Foundation and added physicians Charles Price, MD, Richard Signer, MD, Stanley Hand, MD, Arthur Raptoulis, MD, Joseph Chiaro, MD, Jack Facundus, MD, Ronald David, MD, and Michael Pollack, MD. James Page, Jr., donated his services as corporate attorney. All pledged $1,000 each to pay for a feasibility study. Unfortunately, not enough money was raised. The group persuaded Ross Laboratories, which specializes in pediatric and obstetric healthcare products, to conduct the study and absorb the $40,000 cost. One of the things they said is that special services for women, as well as children, should be included to make the hospital more successful. "About that time ORMC heard what we had in mind and decided they would do it," says Dr. Townes. Renowned golfer Arnold Palmer, firmly tied to the Orlando area by the 1980s, was looking for a charity to support when he was approached by ORMC. "Arnold was insistent that it be top quality in every respect," says Rex McPherson. "It is a real pleasure to see what has been accomplished. This hospital represents a labor of love on the part of a lot of people. Before we opened the new hospital, we had to send kids to , Miami, wherever, because there was no children's hospital here."

Capacity planning at Arnold Palmer Hospital
Since opening day the Arnold palmer hospital has experienced an explosive growth in demand for it...
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