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Fambul Medical practice (FMB) is a rural practice based in North Hertfordshire providing face to face doctor-patient care. There many problems facing this practice. Swot analysis can be used to enable the practice managers to redistribute, reorganise, interrelate, and understand the changes which can be made in the practice.

[pic] Strength and weaknesses are internal factors which has positive and negative effect. Opportunities and Threats are external factors. Opportunities gives positive when resources are used effectively., but if threat are not recognised it can destroy and organization. Strengths of the Practice are:

▪ Availability of Experienced Staff
▪ Compliance Code of Conducts
▪ Traditional organisation
▪ Modernisation process
▪ Availability of the Practice Infrastructure
▪ Good Customer Care

FMP has been in existence for 82years and can boast of well experienced managers like Dr.Marie Bo-Cooper the Managing Director, who has been in practice for 32years, in which the job has been her life, also Mrs. Patricia Brown, the Practice Manager, and the knowledge bank of the practice has been practicing since she left school in the 1960’s e.t.c. TRADITIONAL ORGANISATION

The kind of practice they have in FMP is an old fashioned one, in which their motto was ‘Our Heart is the People’. Based on their long time existence, people in the area trusted them and the face-to-face doctor-patient care from where they gained their reputation.

Code of conduct are still been followed in FMP, this can be related to the two Practice Partners, the first cousins of Dr.Bo.Cooper, they still obey her and follow the formalities.

With the assistance of Dr.Samara FMP is changing from the old-fashioned practice into a modernized one, who came in to replace Dr.Dean who first started the process. Areas which he wanted to modernised are: Telephone system, Patients records, Networking the computers e.t.c.

FMP is situated in the rural area in North Hertfordshire, and the building consists of three floor .This is one of the fixed asset of the practice.

The result of the survey which was conducted by FMP was excellent. i.e. 93% of the customer said that, coupled with the politeful and helpful manners with which the receptionist relates with them.

▪ Poor Quality of Patient Care
▪ The Bureaucratic Structure of the Practice
▪ Conflicts between Practice Managers
▪ Improper Standards of Keeping Patients Records
▪ Lack of Information Technology
▪ Lack of Work Innovation and Creativity

Poor Quality of patient Care: In FMP, the quality of patient care is poor. Patient records are not properly kept, files were paper-based which need to be computerized in order to safeguard them from fire, theft, unauthorised access; patient could not call in to book for consultations and appointments all these needs to be updated, so that they can continue to be among the best practice. Delays in booking and consultation have to be improved and more efficient to enhance good quality patient care.

The Structure of FMP is Bureaucratic: The structure of FMP is bureaucratic and centralised in nature. The power and authority is concentrated in the hands of the top managers. At FMP, managers did the thinking, and the staffs do the assignment work without questioning. This can be seen among the two practice partners, Mrs. Bo-Cooper first cousins who always go with her wishes for an easy life. Power has to be shared at FMP in order to get the best out of the staffs.

Conflicts among Practice Managers: There’s a conflict between Mr. Coker, the managing director and Mrs. Patricia Brown, the practice manager. Mr. Coker is known for setting the highest budgets but Mr. Brown was not too comfortable with methods...
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