The Primary Care Clinic

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Assignment 1-The Primary Care Clinic
Tasha Hornsby
Dr. Kevin Williams
HSA 300-0001030 Health Service Organization Management
January 26, 2011

Discuss the key political, economic, and social forces that may have influenced the development of the clinic. Economic and social conditions that affect people’s lives determine their health. People who are poor are less likely to seek proper medical care, as opposed to people who are of middle-class status and above. Citizens with more social status, money, and education have a plethora of choices and control over things, such as the neighborhoods, their salaries, occupational opportunities, etc. (Jin, Shah, & Svoboda, September, 1995, 153(5)) Dennis Raphael of the CSJ Foundation for Research and Education, reinforces this concept: “Social determinants of health are the economic and social conditions that shape the health of individuals, communities, and jurisdictions as a whole. Social determinants of health are the primary determinants of whether individuals stay healthy or become ill.” (Raphael, 2008) The development of clinics has become increasingly more important since the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010. Politics influence clinics because when laws such as these are put in place, federal funds will follow. These acts will make healthcare more accessible to millions of people in the United States. (Hobbs, Morton, Swerissen, & Anderson, 2010) What would be a good mission statement?

“To provide exemplary medical care to our patients, thus improving the health, wellness, and productivity of our community as a whole. Expect to receive the same level of service and dedication that we would provide for our own families.” At our clinic, we offer these tips for better health. We believe in empowering our patients with the knowledge to enable them to make better lifestyle choices. (Donaldson, 1999) 1. Don’t smoke. If you can, stop. If you can’t, cut down. 2. Follow a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables. 3. Keep physically active.

4. Manage stress by, for example, talking things through and making time to relax. 5. If you drink alcohol, do so in moderation.
6. Cover up in the sun, and protect children from sunburn. 7. Practice safer sex.
8. Take up cancer-screening opportunities.
9. Be safe on the roads: follow the Highway Code
10. Learn the First Aid ABCs: airways, breathing, and circulation.

Identify three (3) performance measures you would use to measure the clinic’s effectiveness and provide the rationale for each performance measure. The three performance measures that I would use are customer-client surveys, outcomes and efficiency, and operations. (L, B, & Xu, 2001) (R. & Griffith, 2010) Customer-client surveys are important, because we need to know if patients are happy with the care they are receiving from us. If they are not happy, it could hurt our bottom line. Word-of-mouth travels fast, negative or positive. Every tenth patient should receive a survey, since randomness yields better results. (Bryant) I would ask questions, such as: * Was your appointment time adhered to? If not, how many minutes late? * Do you feel that you had enough time to express your concerns with your healthcare professional, or did you feel rushed during the appointment? * What are your thoughts on our check-in process?

The outcomes and efficiency performance is extremely critical, because our goal is to decrease hospitalizations, and to manage illnesses. This will decrease healthcare costs overall. If too many of our patients are being hospitalized, then that means something needs to be fixed. The patients are either not following clinician directives, not coming for follow-up appointments, or we may not have enough physicians on staff. (R. & Griffith, 2010) There is a critical shortage of primary care physicians in...
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