Ltt1 Task 1

Topics: Health care, Baby boomer, Health care provider Pages: 2 (625 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Froedtert Hospital is Milwaukee, WI is a nationally ranked hospital that handles both common and complex health problems. Froedtert Health is nationally ranked in four different specialties as well as eight high performing specialties. Froedtert Hospital is also recognized as one of Wisconsin’s best places to work. An economic event that has impacted the growth of Froedtert hospital is the recession, along with the social event of the aging baby boomer generation. These events have impacted the growth of Froedtert in both a physical aspect as well as an examination of their own practices. Both of these events have led to a rise in Medicare and Medicaid which has increased external pressure put on healthcare facilities to lower the cost of healthcare while still providing quality care as well as the need for more accessible care. Froedtert has always focused on being held accountable for their costs while still providing quality healthcare, but to meet the increasing demand for cost-effective healthcare in recent years, Froedtert has focused on the examination of their own operations. In the past five years, Froedtert has become involved with groups such as Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality which collects data that benchmarks best practices as well as other benchmark and accreditation organizations. Froedtert’s involvement with these organizations allows them to evaluate their own healthcare quality and initiate changes when needed which has led to the continuous growth of this facility. Along with these changes, Froedtert has met the demand for more accessible care by creating more primary care clinics as well as walk-in clinics. Collaboratively, Froedtert Health consists of four regional hospitals along with numerous clinic locations. Froedtert Health’s mission is to enhance the well-being of the individuals and communities it serves through innovative community-academic partnerships, excellence in care and service, progressive medical research and...
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