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Identification of Key Marketing Decisions

1. What are the key marketing decisions that Shouldice’s management has to make? Answer: The key marketing decisions are listed as following: a. Market expansion evaluation
b. Advertising methods
c. Weekend operations evaluation
d. A succession plan
e. The regulatory environment in Toronto
f. Rooms
g. Satisfied operators


2. Why do patients choose Shouldice Hospital over other hospitals? What are the benefits received by Shouldice’s patients that are different from other hospitals? Answer: Patients choose Shouldice Hospital over other hospitals because the service they get from Shouldice is far away better than other hospitals. The benefits they received are as following:

a. Appointments are driven by patient referrals.
b. Patients are encouraged to self-diagnose to avoid a visit. c. The experience requires only one or two visits.
d. A typical length of stay is about 3 days.
e. All rooms are semiprivate, and patients are grouped with someone of like interest. f. Patients nearing discharge help orient new patients arriving. g. Surgery occurs on day 2.

h. Patients are encouraged to exercise regularly, explore the premises and make new friends. i. Professional (failure rate 0.8 vs 10%)
j. Low Price $2000 vs $5000
3. What are the key success factors of Shouldice Hospital?
a. What is Shouldice’s target group of customers, who are they, and what do they have in common apart from a hernia? Answer: 1 million hernia operations in the US in 2000. Most commonly performed on males. b. What benefits keep the turnover of doctors and staff so low? Answer: The benefits keep the turnover of doctors and staffs so low are as following: ✓ 10 full time surgeons, 8 part-time assistants, 2 anesthetists on site, ✓ 30-36 operations per day.

✓ Each surgeon performs 3-4 surgeries per day....
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