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Topics: Hospital, Patient, Health insurance Pages: 2 (398 words) Published: May 28, 2013
After I got my bachelor degree in Respiratory Care, I had many job offers. I hesitated between working in private hospital or in government one. Then I choose to work in a private hospital. According to my experience I can see some differences and similarities. A private hospital is better for me in regards to salary, quality and facilities. First, private hospital salary’s is higher than the government one. Also, the annual increase of the salary is much higher. In fact, they vary not only in the basic salary but also in the benefit. They pay for some benefit like housing and transportation allowance. In addition, private hospitals provide coverage of health insurance, vision and dental insurance and retirement plans. Similar perks may not be available for the workers in the government hospitals.

Second, a private hospital is a better quality than government hospitals. Where you might deal with old equipment in government hospitals or even unavailability of other, you will deal with up to date and high quality ones in private hospitals. Usually the private hospitals tends to keep high standards as much as possible to ensure that patient care and treatment is continuously updated, improved and reflective of the latest evidence available. In addition, private hospitals offered more of elective care as opposed to emergency cares where as government doesn’t. So, the rang of services offered by the private hospitals and the availability of the providers of services make them preferable than government hospitals.

Finally, private hospital’s facilities are superior to the government’s. While its limited in small cafeteria and simple flower store in governmental hospital, you can enjoy in many facilities at a private hospital. Here some example for that great private hospital’s facilities, a big cafeteria, a few restaurants, a coffee shop, a gift shop, a flower store, a gym and a beauty center. Not to mention, the on-site childcare that will save your the...
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