Can Contemporary Organisations Learn Anything Useful from Stace and Dunphy’s Situational Approach to Change Management?

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  • Published : December 24, 2012
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W ith regarding to the rapid pace of technological innovation, the contemporary organizations prefer to use the more mature theory then the new issued study. I don’t think Stace and Dunphy ’s situational approach can satisfy all the condition on the whole organization change; however, it should be something useful for the contemporary organizations.

There are four types of change are defined by Dunphy and Stace (1993): type1: F ine-tuning; type2: Incremental-Adjustment; type3: Modular-transformation; type4: Corporate-transformation.
F ine-tuning changes are characterized by small changes to an organization ’s strategy, structure, people, or processes, Dunphy and Stace suggest(1993) that these changes are typically manifested at the departmental or divisional levels of a firm (Alannah E. Rafferty, Roland H. Simons, 2006, pp 329). It often used in companies which are trying to make small changes in companies when in pass or nowadays. It is also suitable for the modern technologic style - fine-tuning organizational change might entail refining policies, methods, and procedures; creating specialist units and linking mechanisms to permit increased volume and attention to unit quality and cost; developing personnel especially suited to the present strategy; fostering individual and group commitment to the company mission and the excellence of one’s own department; promoting confidence in the accepted norms, beliefs, and myths; and clarifying established roles (Wendy James, 2005, pp 297).

Incremental Adjustment is characterized by incremental adjustments to the changing environment. Such change involves distinct modifications (but not radical change) to corporate business strategies, structures and management processes (Wendy James, 2005, pp 294). Companies want enlarge sales amounts and produce more revenue. Incremental adjustment may involve expanding sales territory; shifting the emphasis among products; improved production process technology; articulating a...
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