Campus Life vs Off Campus Life

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Students who live on campus have better chance of succeeding in their college career than students who don’t live on campus. When you live on campus, all you need for your academic success is there. You don’t have to drive back and forth from home to campus anymore. It is a perfect way to start your experience away from your parents’ home . You will meet wonderful people that will help you in every step of the way. On the other side, students who go to college while still living in their parent’s home or in their own place doesn’t have the same experiences of the college life. Trust me, I personally experience both and everybody who did the same will tell you. We all know that college life is not easy. You’ll need to have organizational skills. To obtain this come hard work, sacrifice, and determinations. So in order to succeed, a smart student must know that he has to make the right choices and decisions in his academic path. The first step that most students take in their college life is the choice between living on campus or living off campus for some students .. Making the choice of living on campus is making the choice of success. A student who makes the campus his/her home has a higher rate of success than student who don’t.

Living at the campus makes your student life a lot easier to handle. It’s like your own House is moved into the campus. The academic environment is surrounding you, you can feel it. All the materials necessary to reach yours goals are present nearby. The library is never far way, you can always make a little tour to do some research or homework. Everybody knows, that if you spend a time at the library and learning center ,for example the learning lab at the ACC , you will get the passing grades for your classes. That’s why living on campus helps you to reach success. Students are more focus on their studies if they lived on campus because the distractions from outside are...
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