Dorm Life

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Project 2
Is the “Dorm Life” really “The Life?”
College is a big transition from High School. College is there to teach students knowledge, and to prepare every college student for the next chapter of their lives. Most freshman that go to Western Michigan University (WMU), decide to live in the valleys. “Valley residence halls feature suites where two student rooms share a connecting bathroom. These large, coed halls have a picturesque peaceful setting and are close to the Haworth College of Business, Intramural Fields and Goldsworth Valley pond” (“Residence Halls”). There are a total of three valleys that are about a twenty minute walk from main campus. There have been many problems with the dorms such as the noise, the size of the rooms, hygiene, the water, and the resident assistants. In my opinion, “peaceful setting,” is wrong. I say this because my friends and I have had some incidents where it was not. The noise issue is a big deal to some students, but, there is always noise not matter what time or day it is. Unless you’re on a designated quiet floor, students must learn to ignore everything around them while they are doing anything. In the dorms, there is always loud music, people gossiping and laughing, and television. All can which be very distracting at times when you are trying to study or sleep. Although most dorms have a rule that quiet hours are after ten or elven at night (on the weekdays).

Every student that lives in a dorm room basically lives in a room a little bigger than a prison cell. It’s like living in a bedroom, living room, kitchen, and dining room all combined into a twelve feet by twelve feet living space. When going in to a new living place with a new person that you just met, it takes a long time to get comfortable in such a small space with just the two of you. With girls, most girls have a lot of clothes, accessories, shoes, etc. that need to be put away...
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