New Student Living Arrangements Proposal

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New Student Living Arrangements Proposal

By: Natasha O’Donnell
Dr. Teresa Lao
WRI 115
June 16, 2007


MEMO TO:Darlene Anderson, President of Anderson and Associates FROM:Natasha O’Donnell, Executive Assistant
DATE:June 16, 2007
SUBJECT:New Student Living Arrangements Proposal

Here is the report that you requested showing the views of off-campus living.

This report shows that student’s need new housing in the area. By a series of surveys listing the most important attributes of off-campus housing, how important criteria such as price, location, shopping, public transportation, space and layout, furnishings, social activities, parking and pets affects a student’s decision on housing.

The report shows the analyzed information, which includes the arrangements students are most likely rent given their present economic situation. The questionnaire was given to sample students that included living options given by an architect. The following plans featured several choices such as private hotel-like rooms with a sleeping and sitting area, private bath but no kitchen; private one-room efficiency apartments; one-bedroom two person apartments; and four bedroom four-person apartments (Ober 2006, p. 463)

I have enjoyed working on this assignment, Darlene, and learned quite a bit from my analysis, which proves the necessity of an off-campus alternative for students. Please let me know if you have any questions about the report.


Executive Summary

Anderson and Associates are exploring the practicability of building off-campus student-apartment complex on a lot owned by the firm that is positioned two blocks from a college campus. Even though, the city planning commission believes there is enough housing for students, specific information from surveys show problems of the present housing for students and a need for change through a new building.

Specifically, the following issue was addressed in this study. Why would the college benefit from off-campus student housing? To answer this question the following questions were asked of present students of the campus and their parents:

1. What type of living arrangements is preferred (in regards to layout)? 2. Where is ideal location for student housing?
3. What type of payment method for student housing preferred?

This study is to determine what students’ and their parents’ preferences are according economic feasibility, location and living criteria. The information gathered from two types of questionnaires and a cost analysis show that it would be more cost effective for the campus to offer alternative living arrangements to attract more students as well as give returning students another alternative to living besides on-campus and other apartments that do not to cater to student’s specific needs.

In addition to the questionnaire data, personal interviews were held with previous students and their parents. The primary data provided by the surveys and personal interviews were then analyzed and compared with the secondary sources to determine the preferred living arrangements and the significant need off-campus housing. TABLE OF CONTENTS

Executive Summary3
Preferred Living Arrangements6
Preferred payment methods7
Preferred location7
Summary, Conclusion and Recommendations8
Apendix A10
Apendix B13


Anderson and Association (A&A) is proposing to build a large student-apartment in an off campus location which is two blocks away. A&A has researched the need for off-campus student housing because the present housing situation on campus appeals to new students and second semester freshman, however it does not cater to the students that may not want to stay on campus and do not want to live far away from school and other social activities that may occur on campus....
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