Cadburys Business Assignment

Topics: Chocolate, Marketing, Strategic management Pages: 32 (11255 words) Published: February 26, 2013
The business that I have chosen to is Cadburys I have chosen to use the product will it is a well knows product that many people know and love, I have chosen this product because it has a very wide range of target audience and Cadburys is a well known business so information will be easy to access and to gather. The nature of the business is simple it is to provide sugary treats to the public the main target audience I would say would be children I would say from the ages of 4 onwards, the customers would be every one that likes chocolate they have a wide range of products such a cream egg this would appeal more to children than adults I would say as they adverts and the angle of the marketing addresses to children’s humour and to the nature of the commercial side of the business were as the product such a a dairy milk bar would appeal to a wider range of people such as adults as its simple and has very little child like qualities. The business brings out new products quite often so this would build on the companies reputation and would also help its sales figures as new products appeal to the customers curious nature as if a new product comes out that is advertised well, will make you want to try it and see what it is like, as Cadburys have a wide range of products there is pretty much a product for every one so the target audience is vast. Because of its large product range it will have more customers and because it has been around a long time this would mean that allot of people would have known about it and there for the audience and the people that buy the product will be greater than new businesses or newer businesses such as galaxy. The business Cadburys has existed since 1842 this shows the public that the business is a reliable and trust worthy business and obviously has a good range of products. Cadburys was founded almost 200 years ago and was opened by john Cadburys on bull street in Birmingham in 1824, he started of by making drinking chocolate then expanded by making chocolate and other products. Cadburys is a plc so it is a private limited company so this means it has public shares so the public would be involved in the business. The business is not based anywhere anymore but has business every were and this would make it a world wide company. The main competitors would be businesses such as galaxy and nesquik and other chocolate and sweat manufactures. My companies corporate aims would be to be able to make a healthy profit and be able to keep the business running at a high standard. The objectives of the business would be to be making lots of good quality chocolate and to be always be improving the quality of the chocolate and the recipes, other objectives would be to make their business fully fair trade as this would help the reputation of the business. Another objective would be to expand the business to have lots of stores world wide to increase the popularity of the business, doing this the business would need to make sure that they will be able to survive the market and make it an on going business. To create chocolate that appeals to all ages of the audience they do this by making sure that all of their ingredients are all at a high quality standard this includes fair trade products this would make their products more appealable to their target audience. Due to the nature of the business i think that they should cover some of the gaps such as creating more new products and possibly placing more Cadburys shop around the less populated areas around the country. I also feel as if Cadburys aims and objective are to do with the cream egg are easy and do able and make them accessible to smaller areas and smaller businesses such as corner shops.

I have chosen Cadburys Cream Egg for my product that I am researching throughout my assignments, I have chosen this product as it is a noticed and a very well known brand and this product has been out for a while so there would be information to follow...
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