Buying Behaviour of Consumer Towards Housing Goods

Topics: Sampling, Retailing, Sample Pages: 22 (6272 words) Published: November 18, 2010
A Project Report on
“Buying Behavior of Customers towards housing goods at a leading mall in Pune”

Submitted By:
Kailash A. Gawali
PGP 2009-2011



I Kailash Gawali the undersigned, hereby declare that the project report entitled “BUYING BEHAVIOUR OF CUSTOMERS TOWARDS HOUSING GOODS AT A LEADING MALL IN PUNE” is written as the summer project under the guidance of Professor Nilesh Gokhale is my original work and the conclusion drawn therein are based on the market research conducted by me.

Place: IMRB, Pune


We have a great pleasure in presenting the Project Report titled “Buying Behavior of Customers towards housing goods at a leading mall in Pune” for IMRB International. The success of any project depends on the coordinated efforts of many people. No human efforts have succeeded and the attempts are completed unless somebody paves the right path and right direction. We wish to express our appreciation and thanks to all those with whom we have had the opportunity to the work and whose thought and insights have helped us in furthering our knowledge and understanding of the subject. Every page of this report reminds us about the moral support and guidance that was bestowed on us by our respected Guide, mentors, professors, friends and family members throughout the project. My sincere gratitude goes to Professor Nilesh Gokhale (Project Guide), without whose valued guidance, encouragement and inspiration the completion of this project would ever have been possible. We also thank Mr. Vikrant Kadam (Field Manager, IMRB International) for his guidance and valuable suggestions through the project duration. His sage guidance shaped every step of this project. I am unable to mention many other who have helped me greatly but it gives immense pleasure to appreciate all those without whose encouragement and help this project would never have been completed.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Sr. No.| Particulars| Page No.|
1.| Introduction(Retail)| 6|
2.| Organization Overview| 14|
3.| Need Of Study| 22|
4.| Objective and Scope of Study| 24|
5.| Research Methodology| 25|
6.| Data Analysis, Results and Interpretation * Presentation & Analysis * Interpretation| 30| 7.| Findings| 41|
8.| Conclusion| 44|
9.| Limitation| 45|
10.| Bibliography| 46|

Executive summary

This Report is the outcome of the Project, company successfully conducted for Leading mall in Pune. It is focused on to know the Spending pattern of households in Pune with respect to Select products to understand the customer buying behavior of product for Drawing room, Study Room, Kitchen, Bedroom, Gift among households in Pune. And getting the insights of their mind for capturing the responses associated with Purchase of household product. It is aimed to capitalize the feedback to build a strong relation with them in future and to offer them superior products and services. Indian market research bureau (IMRB) international is a part of the research international group, which has offices in 57 countries the globe. They are an independent market research company, handling...
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