Bussiness Administration

Topics: Employment, Law, Sociology Pages: 2 (341 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Unit 1:Unit one: Principles of personal responsibilities and working in a business environment

Rights and responsibilities at work :
Contracts: they show your terms and conditions given by the employer. Terms of the contracts may include your employment conditions, rights, responsibilities and duties. Legislation is covering 4 main areas as : health and safety, employment rights, pay and pensions and data protection.

Also legislation is very important because it protects employee, emlpoyers, Costumers and third parties.In some cases there are specific legislations for some areas like food safety,employment agencies and private security industries.

Sources of information: internal sources about employment and right might be found for example with the line managers ,union representatives, informed colleagues, etc. and external information might be found in libraries, Citizens Advice Bureau, legal professionals, , chambers of commerce, Business Link, Government, Equality and Human Rights Commission, educational courses etc.

The role of representative bodies supporting employees
Employees can receive support trough trade unions and non trade unions. Diversity can be about acceptance and respect of one another. This means each other we are different in the meaning of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, or other ideologies. Equality is about being equal in status in rights, socially and economically equal with others and stops discrimination off others. In most organizations most employers to stop discrimination they do training about equality and diversity, resolving issues that relate to diversity and equality and ensure that line managers are happy with the diversity. Being sensitive to other is to becarefull about the judgments you are making around you because people might understand you wrong, give them a chance to interact with them instead of"...
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