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Combining invaluable advice with the remarkable and candid inside stories of Virgin's greatest achievements, as well as some of its setbacks, Business Stripped Bare is a dynamic, inspirational and truly original guide to success in business and in life. This book is aimed far and wide and whether you are an executive, an entrepreneur or are just starting out, Richard strips business down to show how you can succeed and make a difference This entertaining read will be an invaluable business guide for years to come.

Actually, “Business stripped bare” is not a classic managers book, like Peter Drucker or Frederisk Taylor books, it is informal and practice oriented literature. I chose this book due to a couple of reasons, and the main one is that it is up-to-date. In it we can find a lot of actual business examples and learn from than something new, some special modern approach for my own future business. In my opinion, the best way to learn something, or to success in something – is to analyze real examples and experience of successful people, and Sir Richard Branson is one of them, one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and his Virgin Group is one of the most recognized lifestyle brands, trusted and enjoyed by many millions of people. 

Now, in his trademark charismatic and honest style, Richard shares the inside track on some of his greatest achievements over forty years in business as well as the lessons he has learned from his setbacks. In Business Stripped Bare, he discusses why he took on one of the world’s biggest super brands, how he built Virgin Mobile USA into the fastest growing company in history to reach a billion dollars in revenue, faster than Microsoft, Google or, and how Richard is the only person in the world to have built seven billion dollar companies from scratch in seven completely different sectors. 

Richard tells the story behind the launch of Virgin America, his new airline in the USA, how Virgin Galactic is set to initiate a new era of space tourism from a spaceport deep in the Mojave desert, and what he has learned about business from a diverse group of leaders, including Nelson Mandela, Jack Welch, Herb Kelleher, Steve Jobs and the founders of Google. He also shares his thoughts on the changing face of the global economy and how businesses worldwide need to work together to tackle environmental challenges and invest in the future of our world. 

Combining invaluable advice with remarkable and candid inside stories, Business Stripped Bare is a dynamic, inspirational and truly original guide to success in business and in life. Whether you are an executive, an entrepreneur or just starting out in the business world, Richard strips down business to show how you can succeed and make a difference. It covers a huge range of areas including: People and Work/life Balance, Money and Profits, The Power of the Brand, Learning from Missed Opportunities 
and a lot of other topics.

Right from the beginning of the book I was pleased with my choice, and I get a lot from this book, when I finished. And if I would have an opportunity to recommend it to any manager or businessman – I will do it without delay.


Find good people – set them free

Ordinary businesses are aimed at making money… there is no consideration of how people benefit, it is all about making profits. Social business, on the other hand, is all about social benefits, not personal gain. Profits are important to social businesses, which seek to sell products at prices that make it self-sustaining. A social business is not a charity – but profits is not its ultimate goal. When a social business turns a profit, the original investors are repaid, but the rest of the profits stay with the company in order to achieve its long-term social goal of helping the poor.

In this chapter Richard Branson defining “Virgin type” of person all over the world. This people don’t know they are special, but they...
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