Short Business Report

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BUS 302
Short Business Report: Guidelines

This document provides an outline for the short business report. Please follow this format when preparing your case reports, and ask your instructor for additional clarification, if necessary.

Transmittal Page
The report should begin with a transmittal memo. This memo serves to explain the audience, author, and basic purpose of the attached report. It should be short and to the point. For example, the transmittal memo for the Day at the Movies case might read:

The memo should indicate an appropriate date (given the facts of the case), and should not exceed one page.

Executive Summary

The second page of the document should have a report title at the top, and provide an executive summary, which is a paragraph or two that summarizes the report.  It should provide enough of an overview of the report so that an executive (who doesn't have time to fully read the longer document) gets the main ideas and conclusions of your report. Most importantly, the summary should contain (1) the purpose of the report (with minimal background information), (2) what you did (analysis) and what you found (results), and (3) your recommendations. It should not exceed one page. Report

Page 3 of the report should contain a title at the top (the same title that you put on the top of the previous page. This is the first page that should actually be numbered, and it should be page 2 (because the memo is not technically part of the report). • The report starts with an introduction section, including a statement of purpose for the report. This paragraph should provide important background information, and should end with a clear “road map” that tells the reader what to expect in the remainder of the report.

• After the introduction, use headings and subheadings frequently to ease the reader's task. For example, possible headings for the Day at the Movies case are: Analysis of Liability for Fraud, Analysis of Moviegoers’...
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