Business Strategy Syllabus

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Northeastern University
College of Professional Studies


MGT 4750 – Business Strategy (Intensive)
Key Number 20571

Time and Place

Winter 2011
January 10 to April 2, 2011
On Line


Fred Kinch
Office telephone: 978-263-5327
My background is posted under the Faculty Profile section on Blackboard.

Lead Instructor

The lead instructor for this course is Dr. Ray Kinnunen, who is responsible for the course content and design, consistency and high quality across all the sections. He will participate in the teaching of this course. Ray’s biography is attached.

Required Textbook(s)/Software:

1.Text: Crafting & Executing Strategy Crafting & Executing Strategy, The Quest for Competitive Advantage: Concepts and Cases 17th edition, 2009, Thompson, Gamble, and Strickland, McGraw-Hill/Irwin, ISBN 9780073530420

2.Computer Simulation: Glo-Bus Business Strategy Simulation Game (, McGraw Hill Irwin.

Course Prerequisites

Prerequisites: Completion of ACC 1403, ENG 3003, FIN 2802, ITC 1001, and MTH 2002.

Course Description

Strategic Management is intended to be an intellectually challenging capstone course that examines the total management process—from planning to implementation—for executing competitive business strategy. It covers the development of corporate objectives, plans, and policies, emphasizing the interaction between the enterprise and its environment. The course offers students an opportunity to think strategically about a company, examining issues including current business position and strategy, long-term directions, and opportunities for gaining sustainable competitive advantage, as well as to gain knowledge of organizational and administrative methods for converting plans into achievements. It uses case studies to explore strategic planning and implementation from the perspective of the general manager, with attention to top management functions, responsibilities, styles, values, and organizational relationships. The primary learning vehicle for this will be an online simulation and the case analyses.

Course Objectives and Outcomes

The primary focus of the course is to understand the management and overall strategic direction of a firm, rather than simply focusing on one specific functional area. Upon successful completion of the course, you will learn to: Identify the issues that impact the strategic direction a firm may take Analyze a firm’s competitive environment

Identify the major threats and opportunities within an industry environment Understand the key factors to competitive success and decision-making Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of an organization Develop recommendations that corresponds with the capabilities of an organization and the environment when faced with a strategic choice

Course Methodology and Instructor Expectations

The instructor's approach is that the student has the major responsibility for his/her own educational experience, through thorough preparation for each week’s work, participation in the discussion, and preparation of written work in depth. The instructor will guide the discussion and help the student explore the material, thus helping the student learn.

This course will be taught online using the assigned textbook, online materials, web sites, discussion boards and exercises. The class week begins at 9 AM each Monday; the material for that week will be posted by the preceding Friday. The end of the class week is 5 PM on the following Sunday, so you have Monday to Sunday to complete each week’s work. All that week’s work (assignments, tests, discussion board participation, etc.) is due by 5 PM on Sunday. You can work on your own schedule and receive full credit as long as you meet the weekly time and date deadlines.

Each week, you will be expected to:
1.Review the week's learning...
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