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A Critical Survey of Consumers’ Decision-Making Process in Online Shopping -------------------------------------------------

Chen Yao (Jaden)_12439371
Chan Hei Wai (Henry)_12442070
Gao Hefei (Nancy)_12430382
Lai Yifan (Yvonne)_12439495
Luo Lu (Grace)_12440124
Ng Tan Lam (Irene)_12439436

A Critical Survey of Consumers’ Decision-Making Process in Online Shopping -------------------------------------------------

Chen Yao (Jaden)_12439371
Chan Hei Wai (Henry)_12442070
Gao Hefei (Nancy)_12430382
Lai Yifan (Yvonne)_12439495
Luo Lu (Grace)_12440124
Ng Tan Lam (Irene)_12439436

Table of Contents
Research Limitations1
Practical Implications1
Literature Review2
Qualitative Study Methodology4
Data Collection4
Data sources5
Data Analysis5
Online Retailers Related to Online shopping Decision-Making6
Customers’ Characteristic Related to Online shopping Decision-Making7
Categories of Commodity Related to Online Shopping Decision-making7
Online Shopping Decision-Making7
Model Building & Hypothesis Development8
Quantitative Study Methodology12
Instrument Development12
Sample Plan13
Data Collection14
Qualitative Study Methodology19
Quantitative Study Methodology19
Qualitative Study Methodology20
Quantitative Study Methodology21
Limitations and Future Research21
Qualitative Study Methodology21
Quantitative Study Methodology21
Works Cited23

Online shopping is a new business model emerging in E-commerce industry and becoming more popular in recent years. Chinese online retailers need to understand the thinking process of consumers’ decision-making in order to capture more online market share. The primary objective of this grounded theory study is to investigate what factors will influence Chinese consumer’s decision-making in online shopping. Method

A grounded theory methodology was used to generate a theory that explains the thinking process of Chinese consumers’ decision-making. Findings
An analysis of 10 participants from in-depth interviews indicated that online retailers, consumers’ characteristics, and categories of commodity would influence the thinking process of online decision-making. The more reliable the online retailers are, the faster decision-making the consumers make. The period of decision-making is longer in the younger participants than in the olds. Research Limitations

The study focused on the consumer’s targeted-shopping experience and did not consider those no targeted-shoppers. Since the sample size for a grounded theory is not large enough, we still need to examine more specific relationships combined with psychologists when trying to disclosure to the public. Practical Implications

The online retailers should develop needs for the high-income group and formulate a corresponding Internet marketing strategy. In order to generate more loyalty clients, online retailer should provide high quality service to their clients. Online retailers should also update a new system with easier and more reliable payment method in order to attract more consumers.

In the e-commerce cycle activity, people has many reasons and purposes to use Internet, for instance, buying product or service through Internet, making payment for daily expense, etc. Over the past few decades, the Internet has developed into the global market as a medium, providing a wide range of products and wide area coverage. Since 2010, China has achieved more than 500 million Internet users and e-commerce has boost as an increasing number by the average of 250% during the last five years of consumers purchase differentiated products, reaching 4.5 billion Yuan by the end of 2010. It is significant that finding the relationship...
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