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Smart Aklan Internet and Web Solution
Project Business Proposal

Smart Aklan Internet and Web Solution is a small Information Technology oriented company established to provide high-technology and state of the art IT solution not only to business enterprises but for the other sectors of community here in Aklan. Vision

Smart Aklan Internet and Web Solution envision that our company will spread the significance of information technology here in Aklan, not only for gaining profit but to help households and business sectors in our province. Mission

Smart Aklan Internet and Web Solution created to promote the development and enrichment of IT needs here in our province by creating job opportunities for IT specialist and graduates to practice their skills and expertise on their respective fields as well as to help Aklan for global competitiveness. Goal

We at Smart Aklan Internet and Web Solution will offer you the fast and reliable internet solution and high-level of IT consultation, programming, networks systems, online marketing and other IT needs to help you with ease and to innovate technology needs and services to satisfied your needs. Objectives

* To create job opportunities to computer courses graduates and other related fields. * To practice their skills and expertise in their respective courses. * To share and spread the significance of information technology here in Aklan. * To help business sectors in their technology systems.

* To promote Information Technology industry as high-level economic tool for the competitiveness of our province. * To help Aklan’s business, academes and government sectors in Information Technology.

Policies Implemented
Smart Aklan Internet and Web Solution implements primary guidelines rules in terms of employment, services and other organization rules, which is effectively implemented. * Employees must have Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Associate in Computer Science or any other related courses. * Employees have their specific jobs for their own expertise and they can contribute as well in our fields.  * Employees must work with or without supervision and must follow the instructions given by the superiors. * Employees should treat clients and customers as well as their co-workers, superiors and subordinates equally, coordinately and with courtesy. * For the newly hired employees, they’ll undergo in one-week training with supervision of subordinate, superior, or a representative from human resource department.

Organization Chart with its Duties and Responsibilities

Chief Executive Officer
Chief Operations
Development Team Department
Technology Strategist Department
Human Resources
Maintenance and
General Services Department
Financial and
Marketing Department

Duties and Responsibilities

* Chief Executive Officer
The overall in charge of the organization that collaborates with the board to define and articulate the organization’s vision and to develop strategies for achieving that vision, creates annual operating plans that support strategic direction set by the board and correlate with annual operating budgets, submits annual plans to the board for approval, develops and monitors strategies for ensuring the long-term financial viability of the organization, develops future leadership within the organization. Also, secretary is appointed for job assistance, preparing daily schedules and other needs of his superior.

* Chief Operating Officer
Oversees the operations of organization and manages its compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, creates and maintains procedures for implementing plans approved by the board of directors, promotes a culture that reflects the organization’s values, encourages good performance, and rewards productivity. Also hires, manages, and fires the human resources of the...
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