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  • Published : July 5, 2009
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Our company has been given the faith by ABC Tech to organize a project. The project is to set up an Online Information Retrieval where all the academic materials published in Malaysia will be put online. So we have been allowed to come out with a project plan for the project. So this circumstance is the planning document to manage the Online Information Retrieval. This document is divided into eight main sections as the following:

← Introduction
← Needs / Opportunity
← Justification
← Risk
← Project Scope
← Project Schedule
← Project Cost Estimate
← Project Human Resources
← Conclusion
← Appendices

ABC Tech is an established company for managing information technology project and has been awarded an information technology project by an authority the project is to set up infrastructure for Online Information Retrieval where all the academic materials published in Malaysia will be put online. The project will associate the use of proper hardware, software, telecommunication, subject domain, people and materials to become complete online information retrieval. Due to existing commitment, ABC Tech decide to outsource the project to us, AHW Tech Inc. to continue manage the project. Therefore it is our responsible to come out with a proposed plan for project.

AHW Tech Inc comprises of young consultants with determined capabilities and will. We are experts in managing projects especially in relations in information technology and systems. With the opportunity gift and appreciation upon us, we have produced a project management plan for Online Information Retrieval.

After discussion in group, our team has to decide to commercial the name of Online Information Retrieval that one of our team member think that it is very important when we launch the project. Thus, we have choose on the name of ‘e-infotrack’. ‘E’ stands for electronic which the information are retrieve thru online. While ‘infotrack’ means find again information or impression of information need. Basically, ‘e-infotrack’ can be defined as impression of information for people to find again the materials. We think the name is appropriate and would stick to it. According to plan, ‘e-infotrack’ is an Online Information Retrieval that would be distribute all conference papers from all universities in Malaysia that will be collect and put in online.


The project will give the opportunity for the people to request academic materials they need in order to make research or as a reference. Otherwise, people are allowed to browser input or information they seek for through online. Online Information Retrieval also fulfill users need by develop journal, magazines, conference papers, newspaper cutting, thesis, articles and others materials. All the materials that need to be collect are regarding library and information materials.

Online Information Retrieval gives opportunity to users to look up the materials from others universities, for example, students UiTM can get article produced by UPM researchers by browsing the URL. They can get it easily and on time retrieval.

Besides, it also provides opportunity for all universities in Malaysia to collect all their materials and put in database. This is the one of information retrieval (Local database) develop through online services. User can learn how to use variety of technologies and when to use it at the right place and time to make a connection between all universities in Malaysia and also make sure the online communication and network being used running successfully. This project also one...
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