It221 Final Project

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Project Documentation


Project Name: Creating a functional Web Site

Student’s Name: Unknown






4.1Goals and Objectives5

4.2Project Deliverables5

4.3Deliverables Out of Scope6

4.4Project Estimated Costs & Duration6

4.5Project Gantt Chart6


5.1 Project Assumptions8

5.2 Project Risks8

5.3 Project Constraints8

6Project Structure Approach9

7Project Team Organization Plans9

8Communication Plan9

8.1Risks and issues management9
8.1.1Potential exceptions and problems9
8.1.2Appropriate corrective measures10

8.2Change Management Process10
8.2.1Change management process steps10
8.2.2Change control board (CCB)10

9Development and Implementation11

10Measurement and Project Termination11

10.1Quality Management11

10.2Communication Management11

10.3Customer Expectation Management11

10.4Asset Management12

10.5Lessons Learned12

10.6Post Project Tasks12


10.8Project Closure Recommendations13


This project consists of redesigning an existing website to include many new features for both customers and employees. This site currently provides customers with various IT products and services from electronic documentation to assist companies with training of employees and prices for products and services. Cyber Solutions, LLC is requesting a complete redesign of the website with a new option of Live Chat for IT solution for customers and employees.

Currently Cyber Solutions has satellite locations in 15 major cities around the United States that provide onsite IT solutions for companies within their service area, but do not have an integrated database that updates constantly. Cyber Solutions requires that the site be able to access the database to make appointment and daily paperwork more simple. Another task is to implement a Human Resources page for employees to access pay, benefits, and documentation to assist and make their lives more simple in an “On Demand” World.

The deadline for this project is set for January 1, 2009 and has a estimated budget of $1.5 million dollars. This project will require the creation of four teams covering layout/design, customer and employee resources, Live/Automated Chat, and the Human Resources database. There will be a project meeting with the clients once a month to track the project progress and be able to address any issues or new requirements.



The project goals are to redesign an IT solutions company’s website, implement a Live/Automated Support Chat into the site, make a employee resource page for the company’s current database, and add a Human Resource portal for employees.

Our objectives are to complete these goals by the deadline according to budget with the highest quality possible.

The main assumptions at this point are that Cyber Solutions already has hosting available to handle the increased traffic and resources. It is also safe to assume that the company has already bought licenses for the company resource database and Human Resource database.

Some of the risks with this project include the time constraints. Since the date is set for less than four months away it will require that we have a strict schedule to make sure this deadline is met. Another risk is that Cyber Solutions may not have purchases the licenses required for the database systems and make time even more crucial.

In our last project meeting, it was decided to create four teams to control each task since each one is independent of the other. The four teams are layout/design, customer and employee database, Automated/Live Chat, and...
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