Business Proposal for Rasining Cane's

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This Raising Canes Chicken Fingers franchise would strive to fit the hungry needs of the nearby patrons at the targeted area of Biloxi near Biloxi Regional Hospital and Casinos. While doing this Raising Canes would be expected to give superior service to customers, fair prices, and to be involved in the community in a positive way. Providing a fun, exciting, challenging world career with tremendous growth potential to all employees.
Company History

The chicken fingers have been served in the deep south states of Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana for many years, but not as the only item on the menu. The founder of the Raising Canes Chicken Fingers, Todd Graves, was a business student at Louisiana State University. During Graves’ college days, he learned how to cook chicken fingers and developed a wonderful sauce to complement the taste (Cater III, J., & Chadwick, Ken). In a college course he was told by one of his professors, after submitting his business idea for what would be later be named Raising Canes, he was told that the business proposal would not work and gave him a very low C grade for the class (

Graves went to financial institutions and other private investors with his business plan. Like his professor, they also told him the plan would not work saying “a restaurant serving only chicken finger meals will never make it” and “You have no prior restaurant experience and no money to invest in the business yourself… it won’t work” ( Graves then began working long hours at jobs where he was a boilermaker and a commercial Alaskan sockeye fisherman. After saving enough money, Graves started his first Raising Canes Chicken Fingers restaurant in 1996 located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, just outside the entrance to the Louisiana State University campus. Graves intended on naming the business sockeye after all the fish he caught in Alaska; but a friend suggested he name the franchise after his beloved yellow lab Raising Cane, it stuck. The Raising Canes logo was an imitation of an old bakery mural logo found painted on a wall while renovating the building. Graves decided to leave the mural visible and untouched on the wall (Cater III, J., & Chadwick, Ken). The first raising cane restaurant is to referred to the as the “Mother Ship” by Graves (

Graves business plan was simple but unique on the amount of perfection needed to make the product to be a complete success. The menu is streamlined and made up of chicken fingers, Canes sauce, french fries, Texas toast, coleslaw, and beverages. Graves did this by having a single minded perseverance, that is characterized by the Raising Cane‘s motto “ONE LOVE” (Cater III, J., & Chadwick, Ken). Not to “cut corners” or clutter the menu with new products that do not fit the core menu offering. Graves does this by following an intense guideline that their chicken is fresh, never frozen. Raising Canes Chicken fingers has set the standards that are unmatched by any competition in the industry (

Business Concept

Raising Canes goal is to provide fresh, never frozen chicken, friendly & fast service, and a clean dining environment (

Business Cost

The total start-up investment cost of the business would be approximately $2.5 million dollars in initial funds. The cost of land would be approximately $1 million dollars. This cost of land price is comparable to other Raising Canes around the country. There are several different locations that could be utilized in the area. The size of land increases the further north the location is from the Gulf Coast. This would provide many options to make the owner and franchisors content. The cost of construction would be approximately $1 million dollars with four layouts to...
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