Business Process in a Hotel

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  • Published: November 20, 2012
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Creating Customer Value in Tourism and Hospitality Industry, pp. 752-763 M. Drljača: METHODOLOGY OF BUSINESS PROCESS DEVELOPMENT IN A HOTEL

Zagreb Airport, Ltd., Zagreb, Croatia


UDC 65.012.4:640.4
Preliminary communication

Requests of interested parties, amongst which the customer has the central position, are starting points of quality management system that complies with requirements of ISO 9000ff international norms. Regardless of the fact whether we want to arrange hotel management system to meet the requirements of these norms, one should be able to recognize exact requests of interested parties, especially of the customer of services. Correct recognition of these requests presents the beginning of quality system management in a hotel. In order to fulfill the expectations and requests of guest, the management system in a hotel must be developed, documented, implemented and managed in such way to ensure realisation of the actual and foreseen guests' requests. Function structure of hotel organisation will not be sufficient for a long-run achievement of this goal. Classic structural model of hotel organisation must be upgraded through developed, documented and implemented business processes. In order to run hotel successfully, numerous interrelated activities must be defined and managed. The application of business process systems in the hotel, their definition and interaction, together with the management, can be defined as process approach. Business processes are one of structural elements of hotel management system. If they are not developed, documented and implemented, we can justly ask whether hotel management system is capable of meeting requests of interested parties. For running businesses, as well as hotels, there are three characteristic types of business processes: core business processes, management business processes and support processes....
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