Misuse & Abuse of Technology in the Hotel Industry

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Misuse & Abuse Of Technology In The Hotel Industry
The hotel industry is a multi-billion dollar business that is ever changing with society. Because of this fast-paced trend, hotels are changing the way they operate to better serve the guest. An establishment will do everything in its power to obtain and keep the guest clientele. Technology plays a major role in helping build, open, and operate these new beautiful and elegant hotels. How does technology play such a major role in the hotel industry? With the use of technology, the job of ten people, twenty years ago, now can easily be done with one or two individuals. The computer systems hotels use for operation allows the front desk service representative to access anything and everything from the click of a mouse. If a guest tries to check into a booked room, the computer sends a red flag instantly notifying the front desk there is conflict in rooms and that that particular room is unavailable. These systems also automatically record all information dealing with the hotel in any way. If this information is read and interpreted correctly, the hotel has the opportunity to adapt to those figures. Kim Nash, a hotel reporter, states “Tracking and analyzing customer interactions, and then using that data to invent more opportunities for customers to interact with you—and provide still more data—is the name of the customer service game”. The hotels use of these computer systems dramatically changed our perception, as the guest, of how the experience of staying in a hotel should be. Because there is this huge sociological norm that everything has to be fast and easy with high efficiency, we often take for granted how technologically advanced we really are. How does a 500-room hotel run at 90% occupancy and experience no overbooking? How can the guest charge a drink at the bar to their room with just the swipe of a card? How is it possible to book a hotel room over the internet? These are just a few examples of how technology and the hotel industry coincide. For the most part, our use of technology is for the good. Because everything is digital nowadays, all of the information the hotel has is accessible. With such easy accessibility, there is always the chance that the technology will be abused and used in the wrong fashion. If this occurs, a guests entire life can be affected. Identity theft is becoming more and more common everyday, but it isn’t the only way technology can be abused in the industry. It seems like employee’s misuse technology on a daily basis. Whether it be text messaging a friend, changing payroll hours, or playing games on their computer. As a future manager I would hope to never see employees, on clock, wasting their time like this. In a human resource article I have read it says that almost, “63 percent of workers admit wasting time at work with an average of 1.7 hours out of a typical 8.5 hours a day.” It continues to go on and say that, “companies are losing billions in salaries where they receive no benefit.”

It is believed that young people tend to be wasting the most time at work which I believe to be true. From my own experience as a college student I have noticed that at almost every job I have held I have witnessed young people using there cell phones at work. Text messaging and playing games on their phones seems to be what they are mostly doing. I have even witnessed co-workers talking on their cell phones at work as well. “An employment lawyer in Dallas, Audrey Mross, was quoted as saying that more employers are expected to ban or limit cell phones as more workers get fancier models with the ability to take pictures or watch video clips, which could hurt productivity.” I believe the best way for this problem to be fixed is for management and supervisors to lead by example. When I have been trained for a new job my supervisors have always told me never to use my cell phone while on the clock. I would normally abide by the rule...
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