Organizational Impact Paper

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  • Published : September 26, 2012
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Organizational Impact Paper
Innovation, Design, and Creativity for a Competitive Advantage

Organizational Impact Paper
Innovation is something every company wants to have in his or her industries. The process of turning the innovative idea into a product for consumer purchases requires the leaders of an organization to identify how to implement innovation based on the company structure. The company structure can help determine if the innovation becomes successful. The following will identify three organizations each with a different organizational structure, also describing how an innovation will affect a strategy, processes, and products or, services of the organizations. Flat Organizational Structure for Hilton Hotel Franchises

Hilton hotels are a company operating in the tourism industry. Hilton franchises the brand name to other smaller companies who operate the Hilton franchises. A flat organizational structure often identified in hotel franchises because of the small number of employees who report directly to hotel owners and managers. The few levels between employees and management creates a decentralized decision-making process. In this organizational structure, well-trained employees eliminate the micromanagement of supervisors. An innovation in the hotel tourism industry is hotel check-in from a smart phone. The flat organizational structure has proved useful for this innovation in areas of strategy, processes, and the product.

The hotels innovation is a guest check-in from a smart phone. The flat organizational structure has a positive effect on strategy and process for this innovation because the small gap between employees and managers make the process of filtering information down easier. The smart phone check-in can change the marketing strategy for the hotel. Hotels can market a faster easier check-in no lines and no waiting. The processes taken by the hotel during guest check-in increases because the hotel must make sure everything...
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