Restaurant Business Process

Topics: Management, Food, Restaurant Pages: 2 (261 words) Published: December 19, 2012
Restaurant business in Bangladesh is a long history, but this sector is currently growing due to the rising market demand and growth. Many new restaurants are launched both at urban area and country side of Bangladesh at present, and doing the food business has become a recent trend among the entrepreneurs. Through this case study, entrepreneur’s aspirations for doing the restaurant business in Bangladesh have been identified. At the same time, how it managed (operations), future of it and the major obstacle faced by the restaurateurs and the key success factor of restaurant business in Bangladesh has also been pin-pointed in this study.

Restaurant Operations
Restaurant Organizations chart
General Manager
Kitchen ManagersBar ManagerDining Room Manager
- Cooks - Bar backs- Hostess
- Prep cooks - Bartenders - Servers
- Expeditor - Servers- Busers
- Receiving

Food and Beverage Statistics
Cover= a guest
Number of Terms=
Number of covers
Number of Seats
Average guest check=
Food and beverage sales
Number of covers
The Production Cycle
Budgeting & Forecasting
Storing & issuing
Food production
Accounting and Control
Fixed Costs: constant no matter what the volume of business Rent/lease payments interest Description
Variable Cost: fluctuate with business volume
- Payroll
- Music and Entertainment

Very important management task
Three main areas where need to forecast:
Budget projections (how am I spending the money)
Guest counts or cover (how many people are coming in)
Average guest check (how much are my customers spending)

Use of Standards (product specs)
System of control for theft and loss
Par stock and reorders point
Who will do the purchasing?
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