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We stand to prepare a business plan but not only with one motive but do consider encompassing all the aspects, be it people, profit and planet. The sleep apnoea disease is spreading like a fire in all the parts of the world. People are ignorant about it as they do not understand the facets of this ailment and its health worries. The silent disease has rooted itself in many individuals and the awareness is bleak. Symptoms of Sleep Apnoea:-

1.People sleep while driving
2.Patients snore a loud while sleeping
3.People complaint about breathing while sleeping
4.People doze off whenever they sit ideal
5.People are lethargic all day.
Executive Summary:-
The sleep apnoea disease has been triggered in the lots of places and the problem with this is the mere ignorance of the masses regarding the same. Though the health quotient is bothering many individuals still they are not able to dig the exact root cause. People only say that they are not having a sound sleep or they don’t feel active throughout the day. The research that we carried we could understand that the people aren’t able to inhale and exhale completely. There is an obstructed breathing. In discussion with the doctors we were being told about this disease, “Sleep apnoea” We people as business acumen would like to carry out our services to the masses .The plan that we have charted out takes care of the product, price, place and promotion. Our major hurdle is illiteracy shackles and we have defined strategies to break these barricades and increase the awareness to a greater height. The competition in terms of “Philips” is a big threat but the untapped market 65% does boost our confidence in building this product. The expenses in terms of launching this product and financial prospects do play a significant role and we have put our sincere efforts in dealing with same. We would like to be a support to mankind in any possible way in which we can be. Marketing Aspect:-

Our Product: - We would build a sleep apnoea machine named as “Life Saver”, “Live your life” .The machine would have the following specifications:- Product Specification

Dimensions 6.3 x 6.7 x 8.7 in (160 x 170 x 220 mm)
Weight 4.8 lb (2.2 kg) Packed Weight: 8.7 lb (4.0 kg)
Performance Pressure range: 4 to 20 cm
Noise Level < 30 dBA

Smart Stick Data The SmartStick will record up to 365 days Recording of compliance summary data and
cumulative data from first use.

Electrical Ratings

Rated Supply VoltageRated CurrentRated Supply

110 -115 V1.27 A (1.43 A Max) 50-60 Hz / 400 hz

220 -240 V1.07 A (1.21 A Max) 50-60 hz

We will have 2 models. The following are:-
1.Manual Model
2.Auto Model

As per the expenditure spent on the construction of the model is expected to be Rs 20,000/model, we will have the manual model to be priced at 27,000/model and automatic model priced at 35,000/model. The reason for keeping such rates as we have done a rigorous market research and with the help of secondary data we have done the following comparative analysis:- 1.The current market models(manual) cost around 30,000-35,000 2.The automatic model cost around 55000-65000

3.There are 9 competitors who have their product in the market and Philips is the major one. 4.We have people suffering with this ailment increasing at 10% per year 5.The average income per annum per person who is falling prey to this disease is 15000/- 6.The untapped market for this is around 65%

We will have our industry set up in Okhla industrial sector. We have chosen this place as it is strategically well connected and we have our reach to the raw materials (used in our product) within few kilometre radiuses Promotion strategy:-

As discussed earlier we are way behind in the awareness of this disease. So we would like to do the following measures:- 1.Arrange free health care camps
2.Do a tie up with...
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