Summary of Sleep Debt

Topics: Sleep, Exxon Valdez oil spill, Sleep deprivation Pages: 3 (1166 words) Published: April 19, 2011
Tia M Webb

English 111

Ms. Kearney

8th February 2011

A Summary of "Sleep Debt and Mortgaged Mind."
William Dement and Christopher Vaughn in “Sleep Debt and the Mortgaged Mind,” relates sleep debt to a loan. The authors tried to stress the importance of understanding the serious if not fatal consequences of sleep deprivation. We must not only learn to recognize the dangers of sleep debt, but how we should manage it as well. The Authors in this well written article went into details of how we should pay back or sleep debt, and learn from tragic incidents in the world as well as our life’s. The authors begin the article with a National tragedy that everyone has at least heard about, the Exxon Valdez Disaster. Where the oil tankers spilled millions of gallons of crude oil and it was said to be due to the ship master's alcohol consumption. In fact, the cause of the crude oil spill was from the third mate, whom was extremely slept deprived. When in fact the in it’s final report that National Transportation Safety Board found that sleep deprivation and sleep debt were the cause of the accident (Dement and Vaughn, 498). When the report from The National Commission on Sleep Disorders Research finally was finished, it identified that sleep deprivation was the “direct cause” of the Exxon Valdez oil spill (Dement and Vaughn, 498.) Although there is an abundance of knowledge about sleep, Dement and Vaughn stated that there is "none is more important than the topic of sleep debt"(498). Sleep debt to this day still remains a concealed and misunderstood on how big of a problem it is in society today. Sleep deprivation also played an important role in the NASA explosion of the space shuttle Challenger. Although technical complications were the main reason behind the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger (Dement and Vaughn, 499). It was due to in adequate data on the O-ring function at low temperatures and the decision to launch to the space was a...
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