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Lay’s! What is Lay’s? It is potato chips introduced in 1932 by Harman W. Lay in the United State and now owned by PepsiCo Inc. after it got merged with Frito Co. Its market has reach all over the world in many different flavors based on the taste and preferences of local customers.

As I go further into its flexibility in the world market, I have realized the opportunity and scope of those companies who have franchised with Lays in different country.

Bhutan has just realized the importance of being an independent country though most of the products are being imported because of it poor industrialization in the country. This is when I come up with an idea to set up the first company to franchise with Lay’s in Bhutan.

Sometimes question often rise why do I have to franchise with Lay’s? Why not start a fresh business with local brand? I did consider lots of things for successful business and you will see those after going through the whole business plan.

Bhutan Lay’s Co.

Executive Summary

Around the world the most consumed snacks is Potato Chips. Simply a fried potato with some flavors on it captures the tongue of every people around the globe. So I want to franchise with Lay’s to launch a potato chips company in Bhutan. Long history of tremendous success of the Lay’s company gives my company a standing figure to capture the eyes of Bhutanese. With the equipments and machineries which will be used in my company are similar to those used in India but in smaller size. With few specialized workers and finance the company is ready for the production. My main objective of the company is to reach the tongue of all Bhutanese because once they catch it; we will make sure they won’t lose it. The products are basically potato chips in various flavors and the additional figure in the international Lay’s flavor will be “The Spicy Cheese” the Bhutanese Style which will be our main product in the country. With effective business plan I will look forward to cover the whole national market while the competitions are at rest. Flexibility of the Bhutanese market is elastic though there is not much big market as compared to other countries. So I will penetrate the Bhutanese market through agents, suppliers and customer direct services. As I already experiment with the taste and preference of the Bhutanese people with imported Lay’s from India the outcome was positive. Once the product is launched in Bhutan, it will be cheap for the customers to buy without import duties. Growth and expansion of my business totally depend on the margin of profits so to maintain the profit I have my work force divided in three levels. Core team (inner team) who will personally work with me, research team who will look for all possible success and workers(employees and labors) who will work for better production. Finance is the last thing which brings business plan to life. My expenditure will be mainly on the basic need of the company and sell promotions.

The Product

My product is simple potato chips with little bit of flavor in it. Our country is already having 9-10 different flavors of Lay’s potato chips and Lay’s in all over the world have more than 100 different flavors. Here the challenge is not about selling the product which is already in the world market but it’s about coming up with the new flavor or a master piece to attract the customer attention not only in the country but in the whole world.

My first master piece is SPICY CHEESE the Bhutanese flavor with will be the first product launched by the company.

As to eliminate the imported products from the Bhutanese market it is must for my company to launch similar flavored product like;

"Magic Masala"

“American Style Cream and Onion"

"Spanish tomato tango"

"World Classic Salted"

Those products are mostly preferred by Bhutanese people and by adding my Spicy Cheese in the menu I can successfully penetrate the national range market.

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