Business Plan

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1.0 Executive Summary

2.0 Company Information
2.1 Company summary
2.2 Ownership
2.3 Visions and Mission
2.4 Key to success
2.5 Objectives
2.5.1 short-term objectives
2.5.2 long-term objectives
2.6 Gantt Chart of Wildkids
2.6.1 Gantt chart
2.6.2 Summary of Gantt chart
2.7 Start up information
2.7.2 Start-up table
2.7.2 Summary of Start up

3.0 Brand Information

4.0 Product Summary

5.0 Business Opportunity

6.0 Target Customer
6.1 Customer Profile
6.2 Summary of Target Customer

7.0 Market Information
5.1 Market Analysis Summary
5.2 Market Analysis Table
5.3 Market Segmentation

8.0 Pricing Strategy
6.1 Survey
6.2 Competitors
6.3 Our Pricing Strategy

9.0 Industry Information
7.1 PEST

10.0 Marketing and Sales Strategy and Implementation
10.1 SWOT
10.2 Competitive Advantage
10.3 Marketing Strategy
10.4 Sales Strategy

11.0 Operation Management
11.1 Logistics and Supply Chain

12.0 Start-up Funding

13.0 Sales Forecast
13.1 Sales Forecast Table: Earring
13.2 Sales Forecast Table: Necklace
13.3 Sales Forecast Table Summary

14.0 Profit and Loss
14.1 Profit and Loss Table
14.2 Profit and Loss Table Summary

15.0 Cash Flow
15.1 Cash Flow Table
15.2 Cash Flow Table Summary

16.0 Financial Plan Summary

17.0 Management team

18.0 References

19.0 Appendix

1.0 Executive Summary

Wildkids is a small online business that sells lifestyle accessories, which aims to get into worldwide market. Four managers own the company equally. The mission of Wildkids is to provide quality workmanship and unique design accessories with affordable price by using the concept of Wildkids for our target customers. The first collection of Wildkids is wild animal earrings and necklace to show youthful attitude. Through market research analysis, we decided to use competitive marketing and sales strategy to enhance our revenue. The whole operation management is clearly know how much Wildkids has already done up to date. The finical forecast chart is used to generate how much our brand can earn in the future development.

2.0 Company information

2.1. Company summary

Wild Kids is a small accessories business that has been formed by four directors.

Shuhan Chen: Managing Director and Commercial Director

Yier Zhou: Marketing and sales Director

Shea-Jean Lim: Market Research Director

Meiyi Ge: Financial Director

2.2 Ownership:

Shuhan Chen, Yier Zhou, Meiyi Ge and Shea-Jean Lim own Wildkids equally. The company was established in September 2012.

2.3 Visions and Mission

▪ To provide quality workmanship and uniquely designed products at affordable prices.

▪ To offer a relaxed while creating working environment to help employees enhance their creative capabilities and productivity

2.4 Key To Success

Brand Characteristics: The concept of Wildkids can be the competitive advantages for Wildkids to succeed. We aim to create playful ideas, unique and stylish designs whilst channelling a youthful attitude in all its products to attract its target customers.

Online distribution channel: By using the readily available free online distribution channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, Wildkids is able to keep its costs low. By primarily operating online, Wildkids is able to target the mass market through the use of these online distribution channels.

Lead-time: Maintaining a short lead-time is one of Wildkids’ core competitive advantages. Because we plan to source from domestic suppliers we are able to keep a shorter lead-time, allowing us to respond to customers needs quicker. By making use of domestic suppliers, any issues that we encounter with our raw materials can be easily sent back to suppliers to be replaced or refunded.

2.5 Objectives

2.5.1.Short-term Objectives...
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