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Topics: Negotiation, Dispute resolution, Management Pages: 3 (992 words) Published: January 26, 2013
Conflict- is a process resulting in the perceptions of two parties that they are working in opposition to each other in ways that result in feelings of discomfort and animosity. COMMON FORMS OF CONFLICT

Task Conflict – refers to conflict regarding the goals and content of the work. Process Conflict – occurs when the parties agree on the goals and content of work but disagree on how to achieve the goals and actually do the work. Relationship Conflict – occurs when the parties have interpersonal issues. Legal Conflict – may arise when there are differences in perception between organizations. CAUSES OF CONFLICT

Interpersonal Conflict – conflict between two or more individuals is almost certain to occur in any organization, given the great variety in perceptions, goals, attitudes and so forth among its member. Intergroup Conflict – conflict between two or more organizational groups is also quit common. THE THREE MAJOR FORMS INTERDEPENDENCE

Pooled Interdependence – represent the lowest level of interdependence and hence result in the least amount of conflict. Sequential Interdependence – the output of one unit becomes the input for another in a sequential fashion this creates a moderate level of interdependence and a somewhat higher potential for conflict. Reciprocal Interdependence - exists when activities flow both ways between units; this form has a highest potential for conflict. Goal Compatibility – is the extent to which the goals can be achieve simultaneously. Avoidance – occurs when the interaction is relatively unimportant to either party’s goals and the goals are incompatible. Accommodation – occurs when the goals are compatible, but the interactions are not considered important to overall goal attainment. Competition - occurs when goals are incompatible and the interactions are important to each party’s meeting its goals. Collaboration – occurs when the interaction between groups is very important to...
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