Business Plan

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Interview an entrepreneur. The entrepreneur could be the owner of the corner shop, a newspaper vendor, or your stockbroker. Collect information on how the selected entrepreneur has raised finance for the venture, either for starting a new business or expanding an existing business. Prepare a report evaluating the entrepreneur's strategy for raising the finance from various sources and recommending what should have been done differently. Provide reasons for your recommendations.| |

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Select a company of your choice. Examine how and why during the last few years it has tapped various sources for raising finance.| |

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Interview an entrepreneur who has taken a loan from a bank or has been financed by a venture capitalist. Collect information on how the entrepreneur approached the lender or investor and what information the lender or investor sought? On the basis of the information collected, prepare the guidelines for an entrepreneur who wants to seek a loan or an investment for a venture.| |

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Select a company that has been acquired by another company, for example, Compaq, which was acquired by HP. Determine how the valuation of the acquired company was arrived at. Write a one-page report explaining the valuation process adopted.| |

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Research a company that has recently filed for bankruptcy, for example, Polaroid or TransWorld Airways (TWA). Examine the circumstances and the process of filing for bankruptcy and prepare a report detailing the process and the circumstances.| |
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