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Name of Centre:Westminster Kingsway CollegeVictoria.|

Assignment Feedback|
Title of Access to HE Diploma: Business studies|
Unit title(s): Business and Management| Unit code(s): AA3/2/LN/080AA3/3/LN/081| Learner: Tajgul| Tutor/Assessor: G Persaud/I Parper|
Title of Assignment: Business structure| AssignmentNumber: 1 of 1 for this Unit1| Internally moderated? | Yes / No| IM’s signature:| |

Part A: Feedback on credit level
(NB: If an assignment contributes to more than one unit, separate feedback on each is essential)

AC no| Credit achieved (L2/L3 )| Location of evidence | Tutor/Assessor comments on assessment criteria (you could also indicate on the work itself where each AC is met)| 1| 2| 3-4| Shown a good range of points for discussion in this task with some very good use of examples in the 3 main sectors.Needed to look at grammar, spelling and sentence structure.An effort in the use of examples and evidences to justify the roles and purposes of each department within the businesses. Need to look at grammar, spelling and sentence structure. Also better analysis using the key words: why, how, when they do it.Shown comparisons of two diagrams and based on structures. Used some good examples in these. Needed to have better referenced diagrams and clearer application as opposed to just a flat structure.| | | | |

2| 2| 5| |
| | | |
3| 2| 6-7| |
| | | |
| | | |
Additional feedback|
Good points and discussion in this assignment but needs to look at the grammar, sentence structure and punctuation.See comments inside| Level achieved:| 2| Tutor/Assessor’ssignature:| G Persaud| Date:| 10/12| In order to achieve credit at Level 2 or Level 3, learners must meet all the assessment criteria for that unit. If there is more than one assignment for a unit, the credit level for the unit cannot be awarded until all assignments have been completed.

Resubmission (if applicable)If any of the assessment criteria for this assignment have not been met at Level 3, a resubmission maybe permitted. Only one resubmission is allowed for each assignment.| Requirements for resubmission / Task set:|

Date set:| | Date due:| 05/12| Date submitted:| 05/12| Feedback on resubmission:|
Level achieved after resubmission:| | Tutor/Assessor’s signature:| GP| Date:| 10/12|

Part B: Feedback on grading
Applicable only if all assessment criteria achieved at level 3 (NB: If an assignment contributes to more than one unit, separate feedback on each is essential)

Grade Descriptor| Tutor/Assessor comments against grade descriptors| Gradeindicator(P/M/D)| GD2| Shown a very good level of the depth of analysis | | | | |
| | |
GD7:Quality| Very good level in the in the logical flow of the assignment | |

Grade indicators for assignment| | Final unit grade, if applicable *| |

* If there is more than one assignment for a unit, the final grade for the unit cannot be awarded until all assignments have been completed, and this space should be left blank.

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Private sector

Sole trader, it’s a business which is owned and controlled by one person. They provide their own finance; they might get a bank loan or borrow money from a friend.

They are entitled to unlimited liabilities which mean if they get bankrupt then they will be forced to sell their personal Assets (house, car or any property) to pay their debts.

They make their own decision, e.g. what to sell and what price to sell it; the decision can be made faster and easier, and also doesn’t need anyone’s permission to do it.

No paper work is required to start a sole trader business.

All the profit goes to the owner and if a loss happen then the owner is responsible for it and...
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