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Topics: Business process, Decision theory, Decision support system Pages: 4 (1439 words) Published: June 18, 2012
1) List the business process displayed in the video.
* A courier pick-up the packages from customer and scan the bar code with using a scanner to enter the information of packages in their system. It happens to tell a FedEx system that a customer packages now is already in their hand. * It’s then transferred to a big truck containing and continues drive to the big building that they call it as a hub center. * After reach at the hub center, all the packages will be sorted via a system of conveyer belt. This process will be handled by FedEx workers. FedEx technologies will separate all the packages base on the eventual destination or location around the United States and a lot different country internationally. If the packages were miss of identification process, it will handled by manual workers. * After that, all the packages carried by conveyor belt to a scanner process which way each packages and measure its size with invisible laser. A dimensional scanner gets the length, width, and weight, of the packages to determine their size and eventual cost of shipping. * All the packages are flowing to the Multidimentional scanner which has 14 different cameras that will read the labels from any location except the bottom. The label tells the scanner where the box been ship. Once the information was in at the computer system, machinery will know the next processes. * The next step is a sorting process and it is done by FedEx technology. The technology will divide all the packages base on their location. If the packages miss out the process, it will do by manual sorting area which is FedEx workers will sort the miss packages by hand. The workers will push down the miss packages to the line of proper destination. * After the sorting process, the packages will arrive at the hole that connects direct to the large cargo container. The container are shape in such a way that they will fit into a plane with a maximum efficiency. Before the containers...
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