Business Environment

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Mission, objectives and responsibilities and assess the influence of stakeholders3
Objectives of three stakeholders of organization7
The responsibilities of an organization and strategies employed to meet them10
Differences economic systems attempt to allocate and make effective use of resources available within the country11
The impact of social welfare and industrial policy initiatives on organizations and the wider community14
The impact of macroeconomic policy (fiscal & monetary policy) measures and influence of the global economy on organizations and stakeholders18

Big C is the range of supercenters which are possessed by Casino Group. According to Big C website (2011), Casino is one of the biggest and leading retail groups in the world, with over 200,000 employees and 11,000 branches in Vietnam, Thailand, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Columbia, France, Madagascar and Mauritius. After 12 operating years, Big C has 14 supercenters in Vietnam. This report will analyze Central Vietnam’s FMCG market and report the implications of your study to Big C. Furthermore, it also encompasses the political, ecological, economic, legal and socio-cultural environment of Central Vietnam.

Mission, objectives and responsibilities and assess the influence of stakeholders Mission, values and objectives of selected organization and assess the influence of stakeholders. Enjoying the retail market share in Vietnam in 2000, after 12 years, Big C becomes the most leading retailing group in Vietnam ( n.d). In Big C, the letter C means that customers who are the key for their success. Consequently, their vision is nourishing a world of diversity. The mission of Big C is become to the reference and the best retailer to satisfy their customers (Big C website 2011). With the mission of Big C, consumers always receive the best goods and services while they go shopping with Big C. Big C is proud of their promotion programs which are held in whole year.

With every company, values are very important things and this hierarchy identifies the 5 values of Big C. It expresses for the company’s belief about good and customer’s services with their consumers. * The first value is customer satisfaction which means that Big C always fulfill all customer’s demands by the best performance and they believe that range of Big C supercenters will bring to customers the highest level of satisfaction. * The second value is responsibility that expresses responsibility of company with their customers and also their responsibility with their employees. * The third value is solidarity which represents unity of everyone in the company, from superior to employees. Good unity also is one of the most important factors that lead the company to success. * Furthermore, transparency also is a value of Big C. With this value, they ensure that their company operate follow the policy of government. It will be shown through the quality of good and services of Big C. * The last value is innovation which means that Big C always apply the most modern techniques in supplying goods and customer’s services. For example, they will provide more scanners to help customers easy to know the price of goods. Big C‘s objectives means that it set out the goals of organizations clearly and specifically. These objectives are required to achieve and give the end result. * In order to get share in retail market in DN city, Big C often take part in social economic activities such as industrial products exhibition in 2011 in Da Nang, business fair for consumers and selling good through phone in a day. All activities bring Big C to be closer consumers and it will be easy to get share in retail market (Big C Vietnam homepage 2011). * Big C supercenter commits to assist and appreciate customers to protect environment, therefore, Big C will continue motivating the customer’s actions with the...
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