What Is Mlm ?

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Welcome everybody joining the seminar with our team.
Introducing something about group number 1
Introducing Topic: Network Marketing
Network Marketing is becoming increasingly popular in the world. In fact, there are many companies that made a large amount of profit by this way. Have you heard about Lo Hoi Company in Viet Nam, or Amway Company in the US? Amway Company is the most successful Network marketing company in existence. This company originated in Michigan, U.S, and sales of its products hit six billion US dollars (USD) in 2005. Very impressive! In near future, you will become skillful marketers or successful businessmen. Therefore, I expect that improving knowledge about network marketing is very necessary for you. To identify “What do we call Network Marketing in Vietnam and How does Vietnamese think about them”, our group made an interview that we introduce someone in our class to clarify the interested affair. Now, listen to the recordings and we will find out together. We made three short interviews.

In the interview that we made before, there are two different points of views: the first opinion says positively about Network Marketing while the other observed the negative thinking. Short interview contain:

The Questions:
1. Have you ever heard about Network Marketing or something like Multi-level Marketing? 2. What do you think about Network Marketing model, especially in Vietnam? The answers depend on the people that we have introduced. However, it needs to choose two different trends and other thinking that they do not care about Network Marketing. Therefore, it is significantly necessary to find out the fact behind two words:”Network Marketing”. Particularly, Network Marketing in Vietnam is very different one in the world. In Vietnam, there are some companies that take advantages of the new kind of business to get money illegally so that most of Vietnamese do not think positive about Network Marketing. Of course, It becomes an extremely difficult to change their thinking and observation. Sometimes, we still get mistake about this modern model of marketing. Let’s begin to find out the truth together, my dear friends!

I. How does Network Marketing work?
Network Marketing is becoming very popular among many people around the world. Network Marketing is a simple business model in which a network marketing company distributes its services or products through the network contractors. Network Marketing is also popularly known as Multi-level Marketing business or a form of direct marketing. •In the network marketing model, the individuals are hired by the companies to sell the products or services and those people make profit by selling the products to their own customers. However, there are certain things that should be considered when joining the network marketing business. Most network companies require some initial investment from the members to set up the business so if you want to join the network marketing, you should be ready to pay directly or spend money on some products of the company. > explain the visual aid

Initially, there are just some members in Network Marketing. They introduce their products and services to other people such as their family, their friends or any people they know. If these customers pay for the products and services, in another way, pay the initial investment, they will become the members of the Network Marketing. Then, they also tell other people about the products and services, etc…. The customers are also the marketers. This process continues forever and one marketer makes his downline members by himself.

The key factor and most attractive offer in this business is that the marketers can not only sell products but also expand their sales team and build a long list of downline members. This way the marketers not only make profit from the sales made by them but...
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